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Early mother’s day, online shopping spree

How can I mistaken mother's day being today than on next next sunday. Anyway, gave my mum her mother's day card this morning together with some cute little red heart shaped plushie thingy with 'I Luv mom' sewn on it. She was rather surprised too though, till she recieved the gifts & told me: "Shaun, mother's day is not...

Chinese new year eve.

Its Chinese new year eve and the festive mood is starting to kick in already. Hope I am able to collect lots of angpao $$ this year... keke. Reunion dinner here we come! Currently Listening: Da Hool - Techno House Music (3:09)

New year’s morning

Well, its new year's day, the morning! A fine day so far, the ambience, the breakfast, the hopes for a nice good 2004. Didn't have much time to recap actually what happened yesterday in my previous post, so I would just get blabbering on this one. New year's eve, booked out of camp around noon, got home, ate mum's...

Christmas lunch with fam, Swee Lee closed

Dropped down to Bras Basah Complex for lunch with my family and to enquire on my new guitar at Swee lee music store, but they are closed. Quite expected as they failed to answer my repeated calls to their showroom. However as stated on their website they are opened on public holidays. But an apologetic piece of paper stuck...

Birthday bikers

Bike in the morning they say and yea theres me and my friends at east coast early this morning for some leisure biking. Got my dad to ferry my bike from home using the car's bike rack. It was fun, got to see lots of racing, flying, cuts and bruises, otherwise pure-fun. Its also quite surprising that a few...

Orchard shopping

Its catching up time at orchard again so its shop shop shop. Coincidentally, my sister is involved with some 2 day cultural show at the orchard park (opposite borders), so kinda dropped by to say hi, before heading for dinner at Golden Mile steamboat resturant. As usual, the place is always packed with people, so kinda waited for awhile...

Long day at Home

Well, I guess its time I spend sometime at home too, cleaning my room and doing some chores around the house. Would be going out for lunch later with my sister, as my parents are away. And hey! its fathers day today! *grinz* Currently Listening: John Tesh- September

Things.. things.. things too..do..

Family week is coming to an end, hope everybody enjoyed theirs. Cos I did *kinda* enjoyed mine. Yes, I believe not all families are perfect and there are bound to be ups and downs in life, but as all things are like- life just have to carry on and make the best out of it. Hey! thats what family...

Mother’s day tml

Came back from camp around noon today, got changed and stuff, then got my dad to fetch me to woodlands MRT station @ Causeway Point after lunch, at home, all to collect some freshly baked mother's day brownies I've ordered from one of my bunkmate's girlfriend, hehe. Came back and finished gift preparations and wrapping for mother's day. Would...

Dad’s Brithday Dinner

Just came back from dinner with my family- Had an early birthday dinner for my dad @ Swensens Liang Court. Ordered their chicken chop and chicken baked rice (yea had been eating alot lately), all topped with a topless 5 ice cream for dessert to share with my sister. Had been sometime since I had Swensens baked rice too....

Supa busy day

Today are one of the days where my full handphone battery can go flat only by smsing.. After the annual Qing Ming festival, went to try the "popular" prawn noodle @ Bukit Merah (ABC brickworks area) recommended by my dad. Overall, the prawn noodles are not bad, but also not that impressive too, its "just there", I can say....

Birthday dinner

Will be celebrating my birthday dinner tonite, at Jack's place Ang Mo Kio, had been sometime I sank my teeth into those medium done steaks! yum yum! Will be visiting my grandparents living nearby thereafter, hope they don't laugh at my new army haircut...

Pre-enlistment blues.. umm fun

Yea, there will always come a time in Singapore where there guys kinda "leave" society for national service. My time is almost here, 18th February to be excat for basic miliary training (school 1) at tekong. And hey, many things are really happening and everyone is really kinda all out for me.. (literally) before I go. Its gonna be...

Pizza at home

Here I am typing this post in a room filled with only a strong smell of pizza and nothing else, tried turing off the air-conditioning and ventilating the room but don't seem to help, looks I gotta to sleep with it tonight.. grrr Oh yea, why this? jus say a party jus happened in my room, my sis gotta use...

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