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SCM 2023 (Standard chartered marathon) race pack collection

It’s that time of the year again – marathon season is upon us, and this weekend marks the return of the Standard Chartered Marathon (SCM) 2023 pre-race expo and race entry pack collection (REPC). The event is hosted at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, specifically at the expo halls, offering a seamless experience for participants. The expo opens its doors from 11 am and continues till 8 pm.

Race medals
Race medals in the Standard charted race expo zone.

Reflecting on last year’s 2022 race expo edition, the race pack collection and expo spanned three days, occupying the expansive Marina Bay Sands expo halls.

Welcome to the Standard chartered marathon SCM 2023 race pack collection
Welcome to the Standard chartered marathon SCM 2023 race pack collection

Speedy SCM 2023 race pack collection

Fortunately, the race pack collection process was efficient, with numerous counters facilitating a smooth distribution process. Participants were directed to dedicated queue lines based on their race category, ensuring a streamlined experience.

Getting into queue
Getting into queue by you event distance.

In essence, this year’s race expo maintains a familiar layout, with collection booths and queue areas dominating over half of the expo floor. During a Friday evening visit, the waiting times were impressively short, averaging no more than 5 minutes. The collection process itself was simplified, requiring only the scanning of your email QR code confirmation. The staff efficiently took charge of selecting your chosen singlet and packing it into a pre-prepared dry bag.

SCM 2023 race pack collection queue lines occupy a significant part of the convention halls.
Queue lines occupy a significant part of the convention halls.

Additionally, the expo halls are vast in size, primarily accommodate the space of winding queue lines for the race pack collection. Even during a mid-day visit post-lunch, no significant queues were observed. Navigating through the empty queues became a more time-consuming activity than the collection itself.

Race expo map
Collection booths
Go beyond

Also, towards the far end of this hall, a line of collection booths, guided by marshals, awaited participants. The collection process typically took a mere minute or two, with the convenience of having your confirmation QR code readily accessible on your phone.

Cool race expo area

Following the SCM 2023 race pack collection area, the event area leads into a pleasantly large chill space with many photo opportunities. Notable finds here are large wall posters which you can take as a backdrop to posters of each event medals.

The runner experience chill grounds with bean bags
The runner experience chill grounds with mascots, info, photo booths and bean bags.

Once you collected your race pack, you then traverse through a sports apparel and equipment section and make-shift store courtesy of apparel sponsor Puma.

Puma zone
Nitro shoe tech
Free gifts

Puma is the primary apparel sponsor for the event and offers discounts up to 40% on their products. On top of this, Puma is also promoting their Nitro line of running shoes technology.

SCM 2023 race pack collection was quick
Collection was quick and you have your race pack within 5 minutes of entering the halls.

Despite Puma’s renowned association with soccer, the store presents an array of running apparel tops, bottoms, and shoes for participants to explore. Also, the expo area itself offers ample photo opportunities, featuring large wall posters ideal for capturing memorable moments with the official event hashtag #scsm2022.

Photos with mascots
Photos with mascots in the race expo area.

Noteworthy include a doodle board for well-wishes you can write a shout out to all. There is also a professional timing board here you can use to pose with a mock-up run time. There is also a wall displaying the names of all participants categorized by race distances for each race category, from 10km, half and full marathon, though most like myself won’t bother finding your name on the list.

Name boards containing every participant names of all distance events.
Name boards containing every participant names of all distance events.
Photo booths
Timer board
Find your name

Additionally, this spot is also where you can access guest services for enquiries for shuttle services (via an app) or purchase of bag deposit, which is a payable extra and not included in the already-expensive registration fee.

Storage purchase
Storage purchase

Following the race admin area you enter into a carnival-like booth area of the runner experience zone. Tad like a marketplace or sort.

The runner experience zone, also known as the
The runner experience zone, also known as the “walk of agony”.

Sponsors walk of agony is back

Crowded race stalls and booths hawking various goods and services.
Crowded race stalls and booths hawking various goods and services.

Furthermore, the carnival-like atmosphere continues with the return of the Sponsors Walk of Agony, featuring health check-up booths and various stalls offering goods and services essential for the race.

SCM 2023 race pack collection Health checks
Free health checks at the race expo booths.

Exiting this section, you will be greeted with a snaking and linear route showcasing a range of products, from Seiko standee timers to electronic equipment such as Shokz bone-conduction earphones, Garmin watches, and Sony sport music players.

Cool timer clocks
Cool timer clocks, some of the merchandise available here at the race expo.

Notably, humorously, in avoiding the start of the walk of agony, a number of runners could be seen exiting right back into the entrance instead exiting through the back.

Sports drinks
Insurance agents
Race singlet

Race organisation

Moreover, an interesting, yet odd thing change this year is the different start and end points. Your race commences at the Formula 1 pit building and concluding at the Singapore Sport Hub National stadium. While the national stadium provides a lively ending, accommodating the carnival atmosphere under a sheltered venue. Notably, the last big race ending at the National stadium is the last Army half marathon, with the start and end points at the at Sports hub itself. Frankly, I think the organisers can help to keep costs low by having only one venue.

Still, the differing start and end points pose a logistical challenge, especially for those driving. This be fine if you take public transport as your entry and end points can be different, but would be a nightmare for those driving, especially having to take a train back to the marina bay start point after the end of your race.

Runner entitlements

The runner entitlements are basic yet essential, including the race bib with safety pins, a handy running pouch, and a bib sticker for bag identification. The Puma singlet provided has a universal fit, with a longer torso cut, reminiscent of past Adidas singlets from previous SCMs. Also, the singlet boasts a soft texture and excellent dry-fit quality, ideal for a running. We can see most of the runners in the race wearing this official singlet for the first time on the race Sunday.

SCM 2023 race pack collection Race pack entitlements
SCM 2023 race pack collection race pack entitlements.

In conclusion, the Standard Chartered SCM 2022 race pack collection and race expo proved to be a well-organized and enjoyable experience. As participants gear up for their respective runs, whether it’s a first 10km, half-marathon, or a seasoned marathon, the event caters to everyone’s preferences. Let’s hope for favourable weather on Sunday morning – the forecast appears promising, unlike the challenges faced in last year’s race. See you at the Marathon weekend coming Sunday, stay safe, and keep running!


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