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Hopscotch Capitol

Hopscotch is a cosy bar and restaurant at the Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski. It is tad a place to enjoy Singapore-style craft cocktails and decadent grilled food right outside the historic Capitol Theatre. Let’s take a dine-in at Hopscotch today and talk about their origins, their history, and their best menu selections.

Welcome to Hopscotch Capitol.
Welcome to Hopscotch at Capitol.

Moreover, the name Hopscotch was inspired by the childhood game and is known for their cocktails with a local touch. The restaurant is situated at the Capitol Kempinski lobby atrium. This fully air-conditioned atrium exudes old world charm reminiscent of Colonial era streets with a modern expression. It is a fascinating amalgamation of the old, located in the heart of the Singapore city hall district, notably right beside the St Andrew Cathedral we recently visited too.

Also, the restaurant seating area here is open and chill, thanks to the wide-open glass roofed atrium of the capitol plaza area. Interestingly, a Yakun café used to occupy this spot where Hopscotch is. Notably, the restaurant is located at the same area as Broadway American Diner which we visited sometime back.

What Hopscotch?

On some history, Hopscotch was founded by Mixes from Mars, a company that specializes in bespoke cocktail catering and mobile bar solutions. Established in 2012 by Roger Yip, a former bartender at the Tippling Club. They opened their first brick-and-mortar outlet on 2014 at the Red Dot Traffic Building. It is known for hosting live music, comedy nights, and themed parties. They relocated on 2017 due to the redevelopment of the Red Dot Traffic Building, moving to Gillman Barracks. It a former military camp that was transformed into an arts cluster. Today they had expanded to 3 locations, one at Gillman Barracks, Gardens by the bay and this branch here in downtown in the capitol plaza which opened on 2020.

Additionally, Hopscotch opened their second outlet at the Capitol, a prime location in the city centre. The Capitol outlet is located at the Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski, a sunlit atrium that exudes old world charm. The Capitol outlet is more spacious and elegant than the Gillman Barracks outlet, and features a full-fledged kitchen and a larger bar. Also, this Capitol outlet also has four exclusive specialty cocktails, such as “Singapore Sling”, “Orchid Breeze”, and “Capitol Cooler”.

What’s on the menu

Hopscotch Bar Capitol menu.
Hopscotch Bar Capitol menu.

At this new restaurant, Hopscotch expanded their menu to include more grilled food items, such as skewers, burgers, steaks, and sharing plates. They also introduced new cocktails, such as “Chendol Colada”, “Kaya Toast”, and “Soursop Mojito”, more on drinks later. Since, Hopscotch continued to attract customers with their cosy and rustic ambience, as well as their friendly and attentive service. As with my food reviews, we be focusing more on their dine-in food offerings first and less on drinks.

Truffle Furikake Linguine
Truffle Furikake Linguine with lots of cheese ($24).

Moreover, I would recommend their lunch set meals if you are there in the day. It offers great value. Their lunch set meals starting from a base price of $24 per pop, offering great value. Service is also excellent here, with attentive staff and quick service. Also, the staff will guide you through this culinary maze with warmth and expertise. Whether you’re celebrating, unwinding, or simply indulging, Hopscotch has your back.

A western and Italian selection

Hopscotch knows how to blend comfort food with a touch of sophistication. Recommended Western delights includes their massive Barramundi Fish and Chips. It cost $27 for a set. Also, their fish and chips dish has quite the sizable offering too, with battered fish fillet fried between a crispy but not airy crispy batter and paired with sides of greens and fries. Your food gets promptly served upon ordering, with a wait time of a quick 10 minutes.

Barramundi Fish and Chips
Barramundi Fish and Chips ($27), served with straight cut fries and greens.

Additionally, more premium offerings include their Chili Lobster Linguine ($31). More filling rice options includes their Pangium Beef Bourguignon $28, and Wild Mushroom Risotto $24. Interestingly, there is Steak Tartare ($24) on their al-la-carte menu too.

Chili Lobster Linguine
Chili Lobster Linguine ($31).

Also, their Confit Salmon ($30) for the health-conscious foodies, this dish is a winner. The salmon is flaky, the skin crispy, and the lemon butter sauce tad like poetry on a plate.

Pangium Beef Bourguignon
Pangium Beef Bourguignon, a beef bowl ($28).

Also, on their menu is a also a range of burgers such as their Wagyu burger ($24) Other burger options include their Butter Cereal Prawn Burger ($22) too. For sharing, you can order their Cereal Chicken bites ($12), Truffle fries ($12) or their House special chicken wings ($15) to share too.

Butter Cereal Prawn Burger
Butter Cereal Prawn Burger ($24)
Seasoned menu
Soup of the day
Closing coffee

Not just foods

There is also a drinks menu available for orders from the bar. Examples using ingredients such as hand-roasted kopi, homemade sour plum syrup, and durian. Also, their classics cocktails were also named after local slang, such as “Kopi-O Gao”, “Buah Long Long”, and “Milo Godzilla”. “Kopi-O Gao”, a strong and smooth coffee cocktail with rum, kahlua, and condensed milk, while “Buah Long Long”, a refreshing and tangy cocktail with vodka, sour plum, and calamansi.

Hopscotch Capitol Main bar
Main bar where lots of interesting mixes are made.

Notably, their Gardens by the Bay restaurant has garden inspired drinks while their Gilman barracks branch has more local desserts inspired drinks like Potong Jalan and Assassin’s Teapot. Also, the Capitol branch here has drinks called Curtain call Gin, and Lucky charm cocktail, named after the Capitol livery. Also, if you are feeling adventurous, you can also try the bespoke cocktails, where you can tell the bartender what flavours you like, and they will create a custom drink for you. You get free flow of water provided as tabled service too. Your water is served via tall self-help pitcher jugs.

All in all, Hopscotch is a place great for both food and drinks, tad an offerings of best of both worlds, coupled with a lively and vibrant atmosphere of Capitol Kempinski. Their foods are value for money with an interesting and quirky drinsk menu to wrap it up. Definitely great for a fun night out.

This review is not sponsored by the establishment nor did they provide any editorial input or reimbursements into the content and outcome of this review. All meals were paid for in full out of my own pocket as a regular and anonymous patron.


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Hopscotch Capitol Makan Place Locality Map

Hopscotch at Capitol
Capitol Singapore
15 Stamford Rd, #01-83 Arcade
@ The Capitol Kempinski,
Singapore 178906
Opening Hours: 12– 2:30 pm, 5– 10:30 pm


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