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Happy 2023 Mid Autumn Festival

Wishing my readers a Happy 2023 Mid Autumn Festival. Chinatown on this part of the year is now lit in a mid-autumn lantern livery similar to what we saw at Chinese new year earlier this year. I got about photographing the livery on street, and appreciating the festival which is based more on folklore than just the mooncakes we...

Merry Christmas 2020 and a Happy new year

Merry Christmas 2020 and a Happy new year! This year's Christmas is pretty much like no other we had seen for the past decade at least. It is a muted one and rather one of solidarity and not to mention the boon of remote work. A muted Christmas 2020 Also, looking at the festive around town, we can see minimal Christmas...

Happy Lunar New Year of the Fire Rooster!

To all our Chinese friends and alike who celebrate the occasion alike, time to say good bye to the monkey and hello to the Rooster! Wishing you a very happy Chinese new year and many happy returns!

Happy New Year of 2017!

A new year ahead, a new celebration for the new year. As 2016 comes to a close 2017, my family gathered at the Gardens by the bay with my grandmother for the New Year’s celebrations and countdown tonight. Eve Dinner Chilli crab! Fireworks For new year’s eve dinner, I hosted a Seafood get together at Punggol settlement with grans and my cousin’s family...

That’s all for 2011 Hello 2012!

Happy New 2012! A whole new year, a whole new area of possibilities! The fireworks at London was fantastic even when viewed on the TV as broadcasted by the BBC. The sparkles lasted just over 12 minutes right after the midnight chimes of the Big Ben. It was a grand display of over 12,000 fireworks, producing 50,000 projectiles, also...

Happy new year from London!

And so 2009 comes to end with 2010 already here. I was in London to formally welcome 2010 with a group of friends, technically it’s one of the few major cities where the countdown is telecasted worldwide (besides Tokyo, LA, etc) and man was it a bashingly crowded. You will be greeted with a human wall crowd upon popping...

2009 year of the Ox Chinese New Year Greetings

Chinese new year comes earlier this year than the last. It's good bye to the year of the rat and welcome the 2nd animal on the Chinese Zodiac, the hardworking Ox. Lets hope the bovine power will bring a bullish year ahead for many. Nevertheless, despite the downturn, CNY is still a period of festive joy, performances, not to...

Happy new 2009!

Happy new 2009 everybody! May it be a good, safe & prosperous year. May all your wishes come true!

The New Year Hello 2009! What are your resolutions for 2009?

Well, it's time of the year again where we just look back on the year and reflect what we've done in turn for the light of the new year. 2008 saw many firsts, the first US black president. The first Formula 1 night race in Singapore which in turn yielded the first and youngest black Formula 1 world champion (Lewis)...

Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho, it is the time of the year to be joyful and merry. It's the period of festive goodies, Christmas trees, presents and rain deers, it's all about the spirit of giving and sharing, not to mention Christmas dinners with your friends or family. Yes, it's time of the year again which just gives you that warm...

Today’s My 24th Birthday!

Yea a year older, a year wiser! 😀 Thanks for all your greetings! Let be from online or text message greetings, esp those on the dot at 12mn wahahha spammed!!

Happy Chinese new Year of the Rat!

Wishing everybody there celebrating Chinese New Year today a very happy CNY 2008 and the Lunar new year of the Rat! It's the time of the year where you not only get to stuff yourself silly with bak kua, pineapple tarts or turning orange from all those excessive mandarin oranges, it's also a period to meet up and catch...

Happy New 2008! Marina Bay Fireworks Video

Happy New Year 2008! Many happy returns! Wishing you all the best in health and success in all endeavors for the new year! Last but not least, here is a video I've shot from the segment of the night's fireworks at the Marina Bay Front, near one Fullerton, enjoy!

Merry Christmas 2007 and Happy 2008 New Year!

Yup it's the season to be jolly again. Wishing everybody a Merry Merry Christmas and enjoy the best of the holiday season for the year!

Happy Deepavali!

Happy Deepavali to all Hindus celebrating the occasion today. It's a public holiday and a much needed breather from school today. At least tomorrow's friday! TGIF!

Happy 42th Birthday Singapore!

Happy 42nd Birthday Singapore. Well, the National Day parade had just ended and it marks the seal of the first city bay area NDP for the nation’s 42nd birthday. Also it had been 10 years since I’ve actually watched NDP live and contributed as a performer as well. With that in hand I know the time and commitment one...

NDP 2007 Preview preview

Was at one fullerton last evening for a client update buffet and invitation at Walton International. It's planned together with the NDP early rehersal cum full show (aka preview's - preview). Where we got a nice balcony view of the celebrations from the other end of the bay. The main bay grandstand is packed with primary school childen tonight and...

1st day of 2007

It the first morning of 2007 and it's already nice and sunny around here, nothing much of the long old days of rain back in 2006. Whee! mabe I can get started on my weekly runs again!

End of CNY 06 period

And so there was, fireworks at the esplanade promenade at around 9pm yesterday, signifying the end of the chinese new year period... Putting aside the oranges, red packet or goodies (with the exceptional need to finish leftovers!) & move on into the year of the dog. Mum invited cousin Gordon, his family, not to mention us again to Walton...

Happy Chinese New Year Woof! woof!

Ahh so it was, by the Singapore River on a Chinese New Year eve, enjoying the Fireworks by the sea. The sea breeze blowing, a night to behold, a sight to enjoy. The year of the rooster was a rather interesting year with its own ups, downs & challenges. Ahead of us will be a lineup of more challenges...

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