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Decathlon KIPRUN KSLight running shoe and kit review

On running gear review today, let’s check out a suite of Decathlon running kit and the KIPRUN KSLight Mens running shoe. Decathlon is largely a credited as the brand which brings affordability and fitness to the masses at a price point for many. The KS Light is one of Decathlon's best running shoes in their affordable sport running segment...

Mizuno wave creation 20 running shoe review

Let’s check out the Mizuno wave creation 20 road running shoes. Mizuno is a brand not widely known in the running world, given the likes of prominent brands such as Asics, Nike, Adidas and even new balance. They had been in the market for decades producing quality running shoes I adore. The wave creation is one such pair of...

New Balance NB565 running shoe review

The New Balance NB565 is a pair of affordable running shoes exclusive to the Singapore Armed forces. It goes by the unique identifier of NB565. Notably, the NB565 pair was co-launched sometime back in 2017 about a year ago with the Adidas Duramo, which is meant for normal to high arch shoes. I didn’t grabbed a pair back then...

National Challenge Axtro Fit 2 Step Tracker

The Singapore National Step Challenge is back again and among us. This time we are up with the 5th season with new hardware. New for this year is the Axtro Fit 2, let’s take a first look at it and how to pair it with your smartphone. You can check out this video on how to pair your step...

Buying bargain running shoes in Singapore (Old models, online Amazon)

Proper running shoes are an indispensable part of a runner’s arsenal. It is something which you should not cut back on. A good and fitting pair goes a long way into preventing injuries down the road. I always recommend runners that it will always be better to spend your money on good pair of shoes than a new pair...

Garmin Vivoactive HR activity computer watch review

Running computers came a long way since their introduction as "integrated" sports telemetry equipment comprising of strap-on chest heart rate (HR) monitors and accelerometer footpods which you have to strap onto your running shoes. Polar Electro, the finish company who dominated the market with their running computers then, are notorious for such multi-device setups. However, such devices then are...

Tomtom Multi-sport Cardio Running Computer Watch review

The TomTom multi sport cardio watch is one of the few advanced all-in-one running computers available in the market today. The brand we come to know synonymous in in-car GPS navigation systems had expanded their product line into the now-hugely popular fitness tracker market. The device comprises of an integrated heart rate (HR) monitor together with GPS tracking all...

Nike Lunarlite Flywire Racer+ Review – Verdict

After more runs with my "marathon capable" Nike Lunar racer, here is the 2nd installment to my review of this fantastic pair of running shoes. I can't deny that my following runs after my first with this pair were quite abrasively painful, particularly given my gait change to this new shoe, so I needed a longer resting time...

Nike Lunarlite Flywire Racer+ Review- First Impressions

I’ve got a new pair of Nike Lunar racers and promised to write a review of it. So here goes, the first part with my first impressions. The first thing you can do is to pick up this pair of shoes and wonder what the? It weighs too light to feel real, it feels even lighter when worn. Just like...

1st Run with Mizuno Wave Creation 8, inital review & impressions

I had not ran in more than 2 weeks, a relatively long "cooldown" period after recovery from my fever 2 weeks ago. Especially with many cases of runners suddenly collapsing when running under the influence of a flu, cough or even the lack of sleep, who knows what will happen. Take no chances and be a responsible runner to...

Brought my new Mizuno Wave Creation 8!

Brought my new Shoes today! Tata! brought my in-season shoes for the year - The "New" Mizuno Wave Creation 8! My current old DS trainer 12 is busting out from sole wear so bad (approx 1000km under it's belt since march last year) it's cushioning is not only gone but effectively not much rubber left between road and cushion....
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