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Changi Jewel Pokémon Center store Singapore

Lets explore the Singapore Changi Airport Jewel Pokémon Center with a walk-through. The store here at Singapore Changi Airport opened on 17th April 2019. It was met with much fan fair during the initial months of opening. Interestingly back then it catered to patrons who can’t get enough of Pokémon or Pokémon Go, where it was a year into the global mobile AR game craze back in 2018.

Jewel Pokémon Center store entrance
Jewel Pokémon Center store entrance.

This branch here at Jewel is the first permanent Pokémon Center outside Japan in South east asia. While Pokemon centers are like the thing in Japan (where it originates from) as well as Taiwan, like the branch we saw during our visit to the Taipei 101.

Jewel Pokémon Center General store area
Jewel Pokémon Center general store area.

Moreover, the concept of the Jewel Pokémon Center follows like in the Pokemon universe itself. It is a real-life replica of the Pokémon Center in the Pokemon games and movie, only that it offers primarily only a retail focus. Also, as with every Pokemon center, there is usually an anchor Pokemon sitting at the front of the store for photo opportunities.

Store welcome Lapras statue
Store welcome Lapras statue in the distance.

On entering the one here is that of the water-type Lapras. The store is open daily, located on the fourth floor of the Changi Jewel.

Exclusive jewel-pilot Pikachu

Limited edition wall jewel-pilot Pikachu, got to catch them all
Limited edition wall jewel-pilot uniform Pikachu, got to catch them all!

Moreover, here you can purchase the same merchandise sold at the Pokémon Center in Japan, like the one we visited at Shibuya, Tokyo Japan. This includes stationary sets, cups, books, lanyards and file folders.

Available as a pilot or on-board service staff uniform with unique Singapore Airport SIN embroidery
Available as a pilot or on-board service staff uniform with unique Singapore Airport SIN embroidery.

Also, the Changi Jewel Pokémon Center touts to offer exclusive merchandise found only here at Changi jewel. Only found there are pilot uniform-themed Pikachu, which is very fitting for a Pokemon center situated right here in an airport.

Pokemon plush wall

Furthermore, original merchandise created exclusively for Pokémon are sold here. Also, no Pokemon center is complete without its own wall of Pokemon soft toys. Here, you can find the 3 starters, namely Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle available in small and large sized stuffed toys. Of course these are the real deal.

The Pokemon wall of stuffed toys, across the generations
The Pokemon wall of stuffed toys, across the generations.

Also, these toys typically cost in the $10- 20 range each depending on the size. Also, I noticed that though the regular starter and Generation 3 Pokemons are on sale here. You do not get the full selection of toys you can find in larger overseas Pokemon stores. Missing items includes large Gen one legendaries, such as Arcanines.

Toy merchandise
Wall of dittos
Checkout tilts

Moreover, there is a hilarious large ditto stuffed toy section offering ditto-ed versions of a select few of your favorite Pokemon. Other notable items on sale includes stationary sets, Trading Card Games, video games and movie merchandise from the last Pokemon blockbuster hit, Detective Pikachu.

Jewel Pokémon Center rear gaming area
Jewel Pokémon center rear gaming area, it is quite a minor sector.

The essentials

Interestingly, the store here at Jewel is not large by Pokemon center standard. But it is adequate and stocks all the essentials. At the corner of the store is a small card game section. It is home to a small selection of Pokemon arcade and card trading battle game machines. There is also a small section dedicated to food stuff and cookies. Though I was not able to find the icon yellow-tin Pikachu cookies which are common in Japanese stores.

Food cookies
Food cookies.

All in all, the Jewel Pokémon Center in Singapore is a great welcome. It particularly caters to a largely Japan-friendly demographic and culture which Singaporeans simply adore. Though this Pokemon center is not impressively huge and well-themed to that of those in Japan, it still offers the basic offerings of what would be otherwise only achievable flying out of the country. The store opens daily from 11:00am to 09:00pm, with extended closing time at 10pm on Fridays, Saturdays & Eve of Public holidays.

Pokemon Center Changi Jewel Pokémon Center

Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Blvd, Unit #04-201/202
Singapore 819666


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