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Replacement strings

Just when I started tuning my guitar today & before I could get any tunes up on my favorite Good Charlotte song, my e string of my guitar broke.. 😯 argh!! Dang I don't have a spare anywhere, shouldda go easy on it. considering its the thinest string... but I think its time for a string change anyway. And...

Rest rest at home…

Didn't go out today, partly because I was too lazy to do so... Managed to get one guitar playing and experiementation today, pushing the amplifer settings gain (distortion on) to bout 6, mid -1, reverb nil, bass maxed and treble -2 will produce a good acoustic tone on the bass strings while strumming on the other 5 strings will bring...


Yea, got my guitar today, a Washburn WG228 electric guitar, plays well on the clean and distorts. On the technical side, it spots a humbucker/single coil/humbucker (H/S/H) setup, Floyd-Rose tremlo with locking system and a well finished fretboard and polished greenish-black body throughout. Very worth it for the price range. I settled for an ibanez practice amp and a...

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