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It’s the 25th of March and Shaun turns 25 today!

The 25th of march is always a cool day for me, haha, but this year it’s much more special as this 25th is my 25th birthday, the magical 2 numbers and I am 25 years young! A year young, a year wiser as well!

Number 25 Shaun's Birthday

For me, it’s a rest day today, work is non-existent today (bahahahawith). Gotta chill out today, was told to be prepared for some party with foodies for the night, not to mention cake! whee looking forward to that!

Last but not least, thanks all who sent in your birthday greetings and wishes, whether it’s greetings in person, greeting cards (physical and digital) or through SMS (those sent right on last midnight were scary) and shouts on facebook, it’s always the thought that matters. You all rock! Cheers!



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