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Supa busy day

Today are one of the days where my full handphone battery can go flat only by smsing.. After the annual Qing Ming festival, went to try the “popular” prawn noodle @ Bukit Merah (ABC brickworks area) recommended by my dad. Overall, the prawn noodles are not bad, but also not that impressive too, its “just there”, I can say. Did lots of cleaning up (digitally and physically) in my room today, its amazing how dusty your room can get after few weeks of inactivity, not to mention how fragmented and messy my harddrive can get too after considerably long usage by my sister.

Also, the very much intended march babies birthday celebrations with my sec-sch friends will be postponed to tomorrow lunch, ponderosa @ the old raffles city, followed by some shopping. And as everything ended up, I am the organiser for tomorrow’s event…. stress ah.. esp when lest always like scolding and kaopeking organisers over the slightest screwups.. LOL! *dodges a tomato thrown by lest*

Damn and sadly, turned down an outing with an old JC classmate Geoffery tonight cause I forgot to turn on my Hp while charging and missed his sms, we shall plan again to go another day Geoffery, long no see bud!

And shitty! Everything seems to come at one go today! Even my NS buddies are inviting me to go for Tim sum tomorrow morning at tanjong barka, gotta turn that down too. 🙁

Try smsing, icqing and talking on the phone at the same time, its a feat!

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