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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Birthday bikers

Bike in the morning they say and yea theres me and my friends at east coast early this morning for some leisure biking. Got my dad to ferry my bike from home using the car’s bike rack. It was fun, got to see lots of racing, flying, cuts and bruises, otherwise pure-fun. Its also quite surprising that a few didn’t know how to ridea bike… (taking bout deprived childhoods!) but it was easily settled with a few short lessons by some of us “dedicated” coaches. Headed back for lunch at home thereafter as my dad’s cooking (and he hadn’t cooked lunch on a saturday for quite sometime too, another reason for me to go back home to chow). Did some “spring” cleaning in my room, namely getting rid of all my old useless school worksheets and books which I would had incinerated sometime ago… tidied up my comp’s interior cabling bit as those messy fan and IDE cables are catching alot of air in my casing’s wind tunnel.

And hey today’s my mum’s birthday too. Its a birthday cake from my dad and dinner thereafter at the riverside/quayside Chinese restaurant. The food there is very much of a teochew styled restaurant- a higher classier version of those teochew hawker, and yea they even serve sharks fin.

The army half marathon is on tomorrow, Benjamin shears bridge would be closed to all traffic, nice many may say, the signs and detours are up and ready to go…. lucky for me, I don’t have to run! Zzzz!

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