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Things.. things.. things too..do..

Family week is coming to an end, hope everybody enjoyed theirs. Cos I did *kinda* enjoyed mine. Yes, I believe not all families are perfect and there are bound to be ups and downs in life, but as all things are like- life just have to carry on and make the best out of it. Hey! thats what family days are for.

Now onto some chores of mine:

  • Father’s Day is around the corner.
  • *Super father’s day present- Check!
  • *Super father’s day card- Check!
  • Sister’s birthday coming in a week’s time.
  • *Super birthday card- Check!
  • *Super birthday present- Darn Outta cash..
  • Grrr. hope mum will help chip in some cash..

Just watched a clip from the show Animatrix regarding the matrix and I guess that really opened up the matrix story from the beginning. But when you come to think about it, present life is indeed seemingly heading into the path of the matrix beginning, just like in the movie- automation, a second class of working robots and the eventual retaliation and conflicts. I won’t be amused if such things become such a reality in the near possible future. And the robots have their side of the story to tell too, they are not completely the bad guys… as obviously portrayed in the movie itself.. Jus wait and see…

Mmm and today’s friday the 13th.. a lucky day! yea!! time to walk under more ladders and break more mirrors…

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