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Dad’s Brithday Dinner

Just came back from dinner with my family- Had an early birthday dinner for my dad @ Swensens Liang Court. Ordered their chicken chop and chicken baked rice (yea had been eating alot lately), all topped with a topless 5 ice cream for dessert to share with my sister. Had been sometime since I had Swensens baked rice too. And yes it all went really great, awesome indeed, my dad all happy as usual, good for him 🙂 . Will be going to buy a present for him tomorrow at Suntec after watching X-men2 with my friends. Furthermore, with Diamuru departmental store closed recently at Liang Court, the place is really kinda quiet and empty now, compared to that last month where everybody’s all frantically rushing during the closing down sale, even you can get parking lots within the shopping center now (and not 2 blocks away previously), not to mention the major renovation works going on there now, due to excessive shop space left by the “defunct major tendant”. Shopped around after dinner and brought may’s edition of PC gamer and popular science at Kinokuniya. This issue of PC gamer have a nice article on grand theft auto vice city.. hehe very interesting indeed… :p *reads it well* And yea, here are some news and screenies on Halflife 2. Though I say, the improvements in graphics and eyecandies are not very great too, compared to UT2003 and the yet-to-come-DoomIII.

Oh well, thats all for now, hope I can wake up early to meet my friends tml, 10am at city hall MRT? argh!! *snooze*

(ohhh is that a card in the mail? hehe I am a safra club member now.. hehehahe *evil grin*)

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