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Pre-enlistment blues.. umm fun

Yea, there will always come a time in Singapore where there guys kinda “leave” society for national service. My time is almost here, 18th February to be excat for basic miliary training (school 1) at tekong. And hey, many things are really happening and everyone is really kinda all out for me.. (literally) before I go. Its gonna be a very busy week.

Mon- Another Yu-sheng dinner with sec sch friends, outing later.
Tues- Collect C&C generals, lunch appointment with my mum.
Wed- Another class outing with my sec sch class.
Thurs- Movie and dinner treat with my cous.
Fri- Shopping, Dinner outing with my family.
Sat- Visit and help out at granny’s, lunch there.
Sun- Hopefully some rest and prepare myself mentally for NS.

And I haven’t packed anything yet! arghh!
And whew! this list is still expandable at any moment with any phone call, sms, icq message, tipoff.. etc *sigh*

Mmm, on looking at the list, looks like what I am missing out are outings with my JC friends, but hey! most of my friends are already in army since January! *duh*

Mon’s Dinner, River hongbao update:
Jus came back and yea baby, getting together with old classmates- it’s always very fun. Lucas came back from from his studies in Los Angeles had a good time catching back old times with him. The yu-sheng dinner was good, and most importantly, enjoyable and fun not to mention the babbler mouths when during tossing time *LOL* funny! Had the usual amusement park rides there.. Lester always raring to go.. lol and PJ always can’t stop screaming… Lastly, Desmond was very helpful in reaching out to his inner-wiseness in recommending me a good guitar and what to look for in purchasing one, he really kept going and going and catching up with him is a feat! really appreciated that DES!

Currently Listening: Darius Danesh- Rushes

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