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Christmas lunch with fam, Swee Lee closed

Dropped down to Bras Basah Complex for lunch with my family and to enquire on my new guitar at Swee lee music store, but they are closed. Quite expected as they failed to answer my repeated calls to their showroom. However as stated on their website they are opened on public holidays. But an apologetic piece of paper stuck on the store’s main door (saying that they are closed for the day and will only open tomorrow) did most of the talking.

But hey I didn’t go back empty handed either, they had a neat sale list pasted on the door too, showing the in-store special offers not even advertised on their website. Let me name afew:

1) Washburn wing series guitar bundled with an ibanez 10g amp and a HoM guitar case for $349.
2) Washburn deluxe WS with a bd12e amp and HoM guitar case for $399-$449.
3) Fender Squier Affinity Stratocaster series with a Frontman 15g amp bundled with accessoires and stuffs, very much like the Squier official starter pack, all at $599.

The one I am getting is the Peavey sale bundle, with a Peavey predator plus, Peavey Rage 158 amplifier and HoM bag for $310. A very good bargain. At first I was rather paranoid of the lowly offered price, but hey its a year end clearance sale and everything’s at 20%-70% off, even drum sets and electric piano sets are going at half price. But I still won’t let my guard down either and would really check and test out my equipment before making the final purchase.

For me, that guitar’s mine man!

Would be zipping down there again this saturday for the purchase. whee!

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