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Pizza at home

Here I am typing this post in a room filled with only a strong smell of pizza and nothing else, tried turing off the air-conditioning and ventilating the room but don’t seem to help, looks I gotta to sleep with it tonight.. grrr

Oh yea, why this? jus say a party jus happened in my room, my sis gotta use my computer (because its the only one in the house with powerpoint installed) to do her school project her friends like, 4 of them to be exact, came too. So jus say I was kinda “locked” outta my own room for the whole afternoon-evening. And say… its also one of the few times where I get to appreciate my neighbourhood’s garden, my older computers and cable TV at home.. lol substitutes…. My mum was as hospitable as usual- ordered a family pizza meal from Pizzahut for them and what? they even ate it in my room! argh!, the crumbs, the pepsi, the garlic bread.. *duh* but lucky the keyboard and mouse are not oily.. lol!

So what I did today and why did I miss all the home happenings? well, I went to Swee lee music store at Bras Basah. Saw a nice Fender which I am interested in purchasing, (squier series, most prob). They have a set going at $599, and my mum “kinda” agreed to pay half of it, whoopi! , gotta start saving!

And yes, the dinner with my old secondary school friends will be on tomorrow, hope to see you guys there!

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