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Dinner with Aunt Jenny and Family

Dinner with Aunt Jenny and family

Dinner tonight was with Aunt Jenny and family, with Richard, and their kids Anthony, Michelle, along with 2 acquaintances whom were Jenny’s ex-colleagues together with my Mum where they used to work as colleagues. They are still kept in contact, even after 36 years, so this dinner is more of less and annual affair where their family will fly to Singapore where their Mother Jenny, who is based in Singapore can visit her parents.

We had seafood at Jumbo Riverwalk. My old impressions of Jumbo was very much dated back to my early childhood where I used to frequent their East coast branch where there is this large carpet grass field and play area where I can play catching with other kids or cycle my kiddie bike around the area (when I still had training wheels on). Even my visit to HongKong almost 8 years ago didn’t see me on that rather iconic floating restaurant either, oh the hype.

Nevertheless, the dinner didn’t disappoint, we had crabs and yea that’s what no trip the Jumbo will be complete with. We chatted and catch up on times, I am not exactly very close to them, but more or less kept in contact largely through phone or email when they are away, it’s different actually meeting them in person. So as I come to know, they are quite avid fans of formula one back in the UK, following the races season by season, there is no wonder they are just as anticipative of the first night F1 Race here coming up late next month. That will be something definitely to look forward to.



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