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Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park adventures

Tucked 6,000 feet in the mountains above sea level in Malaysia is the new Genting SkyWorlds. It is as part of Resorts World Genting integrated resort that offers entertainment, dining, shopping, and hospitality options all under-one-roof. They also have a brand-new world-class theme park on offer which we be taking a detailed visit and exploration. Let’s go!

Welcome to Genting SkyWorlds
Welcome to Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park adventures.

Located in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, the Genting skyworlds theme park is a new spot on the cloudy highlands for thrilling rides, immersive shows, and highland scenery. It is a place where you can explore different themed worlds, from movies to sci-fi to nature, Genting SkyWorlds might have you covered.

Getting to SkyWorlds via cable car

There are bus services from the KLIA airport as well as the KL central bus terminal too. Tickets cost about 30RM per person for a one-way journey, which can take about 2 hours from the airport. You will know when you reach the mountains as the roads starts to get winding upwards. From here at the mountain base just after the Kuala Lumpur Batu caves, it takes about 30 minutes to drive or take a bus up Genting highlands from ground level.

Park overview with first world hotel in distance.
Park overview with first world hotel in distance.

However, the bus won’t bring you to the top, but rather stops at a bus terminal beside the Genting outlet mall. Here, you have to complete your journey via cable car via the Awana SkyWay. It costs you an additional 10RM/pax ride up. Do note that large luggage has a 30RM surcharge, which is quite a bummer in keeping costs low.

View of Skyworld's theme park from the cable car into Skyavenue plaza
View of Skyworld’s theme park from the cable car into Skyavenue plaza.

In the day, the cable car system offers breathtaking views of the rainforest, mountains and the Skyworlds themepark, passing over the park and beckoning you to visit it. The ride was smooth and comfortable, and it gives you the impression of flying through the clouds. The air also gets noticeably cooler as you ascend upwards too. Your end ends right into the Skyworlds plaza mall which is connected to the themepark as well as neighboring hotels.

A revamped and modern theme park

This current SkyWorlds park opened in 2023, after several years of re-development and renovation. It was previously known as the “Genting Outdoor Theme Park”, which was closed in 2013 for this major overhaul.

Fast forward to today, the new park has a number of entrances. The park’s main studio entrance enters from the West side right into the Eagle Mountain section of the park.  If you are coming from the hotels or Skyworld mall, you will enter from the east entrance into the Liberty Lane near the Robots Rivet Town sector.

Skyavenue mall entrance
Entrance from the Sky-avenue mall.

The Rivet Town Roller is a focal ride in this small family-themed sector located on the park’s east entrance. The ride is a Bigweld’s Zeppelins, Junior Jets and the Rivet Town Roller. The latter flat ride is similar to the Chance Rides UniCoaster, it is tad which is essentially a rotating flat ride with spinning gondolas where riders are strapped in and able to go 360.

Robots Rivet Town
Robots Rivet Town sector.

Skyworlds was previously called 20th Century Fox World

Furthermore, the Genting skyworlds theme park was a movie-themed one, previously known as the 20th Century Fox world. It is the result of a then theme park is a collaboration between Resorts World Genting, 20th Century Fox, Blue Sky Studios, and Hasbro. Hence you can find the reference of several of the theme park rides to movie refer news such as Independence Day, Planet of the apes, Rio as well as the Ice Age franchise.

But you can guess licensing and IP rights took a hit when 20th century fox was acquired by Disney- who is known to be very strict on their IP and goes against Disney’s “family-friendly” image of Genting’s theme park by a Casino.

After some legal battles, a resolution came about for Genting entitled to license to use certain Fox intellectual properties and naming of the rides as we see it today. This can be seen with their gift shops fully loaded with toy characters and merchandise from the movies too. The park is renamed and rebranded to what we know today as Genting Skyworlds. Moving on, non-Fox intellectual property would make up the rest of the attractions in the park.

Exploring the park’s Sky-worlds

Genting SkyWorlds features nine park sector “worlds”, each with its own unique theming, stores and rides. There are 26 rides and attractions in total, ranging from thrilling roller coasters to family-friendly shows and games. The ride offerings are pretty diverse, and able to cater to both family and thrill seekers alike through pretty nicely themed rides.

Most of the current rides started operating from February 8, 2022 onwards, with tickets costing from S$35 per head. Let’s go through each of the zones in detail, namely Rio, Ice age, New york and Andromeda Base sectors to name afew.

Age Ice Sector roller coaster

Age Ice Sector
Age Ice Sector with snow-capped rocky mountains of the tundra.

Moreover, the Ice Age section is based on the popular Ice Age franchise from 20th century studios. It features adorable and hilarious characters and scenes. A current highlight roller coaster is the Acorn Adventure and the only one roller coaster operating on December 2023. It is also a Chinese one- built by Beijing Shibaolai Amusement Equipment.

Acorn Adventure loading bay
Acorn Adventure roller coaster loading bay

It is a steel sit-down coaster with several nice zippy elements and sudden turns which does makes this coaster more intense than your typical family coaster. This is despite not having any underside down inversions. Also, the coaster does pull rather tight and intense G-forces at the ending banked helix corners.

Acorn Adventure helix.
Acorn Adventure ending high speed helix.

Additionally, the coaster also makes good use of indoor elements and animated animatronics with sound effects where you dart through the ice mountain face. Also, the coaster does has a Disneyland Matterhorn vibe with tall snow-capped mountain peaks towering above the park. It does fit well in the otherwise also foggy and cloud-covered Genting Highlands.

Acorn Adventure
Acorn Adventure, and general view of the Ice Age sector and mountain.

However, the Scrat Acorn Adventure roller coaster was operating on and off due to intermittent technical issues. Also, the ride of the coaster is pretty rough which could result in wear and reliability of the coaster on the long run. This sudden tight turns and jolts could be the reason why the ride has a considerable downtime throughout the day.

Meet the Ice age cast
Acorn Adventures!

Nice Misty Snowcapped mountains

Also, ambience-wise, the age ice section goes very well with the highland mist and fog up here. Also, the age ice one is themed after the ice age franchise with the main character Scrat going on an adventure with other Ice age characters in the franchise.

Ice Age foggy mountains.
The Ice Age sector is nicely themed with foggy mountains.

Here, you can find other characters such as Diego as sculptures here at the Mammoth Fun Zone playground. There is also a mini café and ice cream shop for breaks beside the roller coaster.

Mammoth Fun Zone playground
Got Piranhas?
Ice Age Cafe

The park sector has a number of indoor dark rides which can operate in any weather conditions. Large rides like roller coasters will stop operating in the rain. This is a blessing considering the weather up here in Genting is known to be rather erratic at times, with a sudden rain showers being the norm up here in the cloud-covered Genting mountains. One such dark ride here buried underground in an inconspicuously entrance is the Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice. It is a trackless ride which brings you on an Ice Age Adventure journey with the Ice Age cast crew.

Ice Age Expedition ride.
Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice trackless ride.

Other rides here of interest includes small family rides such as the Sid’s Rock N Slide, Zierer Rockin’ Tug, a small take on the magic carpet ride as well as the Rio Carnival Chaos! Zamperla Demolition Derby cupcakes.

Zamperla Demolition Derby
Zamperla Demolition Derby with manual rotating tea cups.

Liberty Lane New York sector

Furthermore, the park’s Liberty lane and Central park sector take a hint or two from New York City. It revolves about the same American theme which leads into the similar American-inspired Eagle Mountain area, which has a more US highway and desert theme.

If you did not do your homework on the rides, or try not to read too much into the lack of ride information Genting publishes in their brochures. It was pleasing to discover several triple-A rides dark rides hidden inconspicuously within the America-styled street New York sector of the park. An unexpected find!

Gift shop interior
Liberty Lane shops
Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem

One such ride is the Planet of the Apes ride and the Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem. These rides employs ETF Ride Systems trackless dark indoor ride, though the night of the museum ride wasn’t operating on my visit. These two dark trackless rides built by Oceaneering amusement company. There is a couple of Oceaneering trackless rides here, the other rides include the Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice on top of the Planet of the Apes ride.

So how these rides work? Unlike conventional tracked rides where you know where the ride vehicle be going next. The track less system does add a degree of unpredictability to your ride experience. It allows the vehicle to transverse in loops over the same spot twice as well as “buddy up” with another secondary ride vehicle. We saw this buddying up used at the Ice Age ride.

Main lake and screen
Central Park event area
Planet of the Apes preshow

Planet of the Apes dark ride

The Planet of the Apes ride is a nicely themed dark ride which carries on after the 3rd movie reboot film installment of the franchise.

Planet of the Apes theming
Planet of the Apes ride fantastic theming.

Also, the yellow ride vehicle is themed after a pretty nice hovercraft vehicle. The ride has a quite a linear flow and storytelling line similar to the transformers ride on Universal Singapore and Spiderman Adventures in Orlando islands of adventure. It uses a mix of practical animatronics as well as 3D projected screens.

Hover craft vehicles
Hover craft themed ride vehicles.

However, the 3D glasses on the ride however was really grimy and dirty and was one of the low part of the ride. Besides this, I felt the Planet of the Apes ride is one of the few underrated rides for it’s extensive theming and ride experience as a whole.

Independence Day Defiance theater
Independence Day: Defiance 3D soaring ride main theater.

Moreover, a more visible ride here be the Independence Day: Defiance is a 3D Simulator ride. It is built by Dynamic Attractions. The ride is delivered to you via a flying theater ride with a large 3D dome. You might have ridden it and has the same technology based on the soaring ride we saw at Tokyo Disney Sea, Japan and Fuji Q highland.

Independence Day Defiance theater
The front entrance of the Independence Day: Defiance 3D theater ride.

Here in Genting, the movie ride is themed as a flight through a futuristic Kuala Lumpur city. However, the extensive use of constant fast-paced flying 3D elements and lack of depth does make the ride pretty nauseating for most riders.

Independence Day: Defiance
Independence Day preshow
ESD Global Defender spinning flat ride.

Wrapping up the rides here is the ESD Global Defender spinning flat ride. It is a dizzying Aerobat flat ride by Technical Park located near the New York sector. It is tad a modern take and inspired by the classic enterprise ride. Oddly, on my visit, this ride is one which requires a special pass to ride, not too sure why.

Eagle Mountain biker area

Moreover, the park main entrance leads you into an American biker and red desert themed area right into the Mad Ramp Peak – Full Throttle Racing ride. It is the main attraction of the Eagle Mountain where the motorbike powered coaster reside.

Eagle Mountain area.
American-inspired Eagle Mountain area.

Also, the Dynamic Attractions Duel Power Coaster attraction is not operating yet during my visit. Though it looks finished for the upcoming season later in 2024, but not operating. It is a family style powered roller coaster with motorcycle cars similar to the Tron bike ride found in Disneyland parks.

Central Park and central shops connected to Skyavenue mall
Central Park and central shops connected to Skyavenue mall

For now, it is just a themed sector which most just walk through to connect the central park sector to the Rio section. Here, you can find zinc and brick walled shops hawking various biker goods and souvenirs.

Eagle Mountain shops.
American-inspired Eagle Mountain shops.
Eagle Mountain
Bike shops
Robots zone stores

A walk down memory lane

Genting SkyWorlds is not only a theme park, but also a history lesson. Genting highlands theme park and resort established in 1965 by the late Malaysian businessman Lim Goh Tong. Itself is a household name when it comes to one-stop South East Asian resort, entertainment complexes and themepark in the Malaysian highlands, with the other incumbent being the Sunway group with their Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

If you had visited the old Genting Theme park since the 90s, gone is the park’s vast central lake. The lake used to be the focal point of the old Genting theme park with paddle boats and circled by a vintage car ride. Now, the central lake is gone. In place now is an assortment of different park sectors ranging from fantasy, sci-fi and botanicas and Rio.

You could tell Genting has learnt alot of running a word class the park after running Universal Studios Singapore over the decades. We also see a return of a number of ride manufacturers like Setpoint and Zamperla with newly themed attractions here. Notably, the old go-karts and corkscrew roller coaster from the old park has reached it end of life and been removed. The outdoor spider Zamperla Volare roller coaster has been moved to the new indoors Skyworlds plaza themepark.

Futuristic Andromeda base and unopened roller coaster

Moving on our explorations, being a sci-fi fan, the Andromeda Base is one of my favorites, themed after a space port or such and my preference for sci-fi sector. This world is inspired by sci-fi and space exploration, and it features futuristic and sleek designs and technology.

Genting Skyworlds Andromeda base
Overview of the Andromeda base sci-fi sector of the park.

Dominating the Andromeda base is a large roller coaster with orange tracks. It is an unannounced and new Dynamic Attractions SFX Coaster thrill ride called Descent into Darkness. It’s opening yet to be announced. The exterior of the building with the tracks looks finished.

Andromeda Descent Darkness
Andromeda base coaster- Descent into Darkness is currently under construction with no opening date so far.

Though interestingly, I noticed rows of unassembled black tracks laid out on an open space outside the park. You will notice them when going up the hill-climb of the Scrat Acorn Adventure roller coaster. These black track looks like they belong in the indoor portion of the ride. Something do tell me the unfinished Andromeda base coaster won’t be opening too soon.

A sci-fi themed sector

Moreover, dominating the Andromeda base sector for now are two rides, namely a drop tower and the Alpha Fighter Pilots. The latter is a take of space ship flying, it is a Zamperla Air Race with 2 by 2, four persons ride cars themed as jets. The rides here takes on a space base theme, clad mostly as a space port in a grey colour scheme.

Zamperla Air Race
Zamperla Air Race on the fly.

The dominating main ride here for now is the drop tower, called the Terraform Tower Challenge. It is a S&S Sansei Technologies S&S Drop Tower. Also, this drop tower dominates the skyline here and is a nicely take on a regular drop tower with a “sabotage story” timeline. It adds a story and twist to an otherwise predictable drop tower ride. There is also a single rider queue on this ride allowing you to skip the queues for a ride under 5mins.

Terraform Tower Challenge
Andromeda Boot camp
Drop tower pre-show

Speaking of queues. The queues here at Genting even for a peak December period are light. Most ride queues typically around a comfortable 15min wait with popular rides not exceeding a 30min queue. There are some practical attractions here, such as an outdoor playground attraction like the Andromeda Boot Camp Training base and zipline. Though do note they will be closed when it rains.

Andromeda Boot Camp
Andromeda Boot Camp Training base and zipline.

Rio and Epic Moonhaven section

The Rio sector is a notable one, and one of the most pleasantly themed sectors too. The Rio section is themed after the movie with the birds as the main characters. The theming here is well done, and it features colorful and lively bird characters and town setting. I enjoyed the Rio Carnival Parade, a musical show that showcases the vibrant culture of Brazil.

Nice Rio area
The Rio area is one of the nicest looking sectors of the park.

A main ride here soaring over the skies here is the Samba Gliders ride, it is a Setpoint suspended flying kiddy roller coaster rides here. It is similar to the canopy flyer we see in the Jurassic park sector in Universal Studios Singapore.

Samba Gliders ride station
Samba Gliders ride station
Samba Gliders ride
Gliders overhead
Brake run

Also, I can tell Genting has good experience running the Setpoint Suspended flyer and duplicated the ride here for Genting. Also, the Samba Gliders ride here is observed to be more resilient and continuously operating in the rain with great reliability.

Performance showtimes
Rio town theming
Free lockers to use

There are free lockers to use to ride on coaster, which is valid for 2 hours per use. Flats rides here taking center stage here includes the Blue Sky Carousel. It is a large double story family carrousel comprising of animals of the cross-movie franchise. There is also a Zamperla Demolition Derby with manual rotating tea cups.

Blue Sky Carousel
Blue Sky Carousel, in a very strong blue colour.
Rio performances
Double floored carousel

Moonhaven sector

Moonhaven sector Epic Voyage.
Moonhaven sector Epic Voyage.

Moreover, the Rio sector are carries in with a greenery theme into the Moonhaven sector with a log flume ride here. The highlight ride here is the Epic Voyage to Moonhaven. It is a Log Flume by Switzerland ABC Rides.

Epic Voyage ride nice queue theming.
Epic Voyage ride nice queue theming.

The ride is a family one and brings you through a storyline with nice themed interiors and animatronics. The ride does not make you as wet as you thought, though the staff at the boarding station does kindly reminds you that you might get wet.

Moonhaven sector theming
Moonhaven ride theming
Log flume loading bay

The adjacent to the Rio is the Epic section with it’s larger than life garden theme. I found it complements the Rio section too with its own rides. Here, you can find flat rides such as the Epic Hummingbird Flyers is Zierer Jets spinning flat ride.

Conclusion and Wrapping up

Your trip here is not only about the rides and attractions, but also about the food and souvenirs too. You can find food stores dotted around the park.

It allows you to sample the local and international cuisines at the various restaurants and cafes. Examples includes  Buck’s Rio Street Food, the Andromeda Cafe, and the Eagle Mountain Golden Gate Garage. You can also find merchandise at the souvenir shops around the park. Items on sale includes Rio Plushies, the Andromeda Caps, Ice Age Cups or even a plain Genting Skyworlds souvenir magnet.

Ice Age merchandise gift shop.
Ice Age merchandise gift shop.

Wrapping up, I felt you do get quite a fair bit for your money for the S$35 admission ticket price. It is in fact probably more value than Universal Singapore considering the number of Triple A rated rides operating here. This is also despite main attractions such as the two coasters by Dynamic Attractions coasters, first with Mad Ramp Peak, a US-themed powered Motorbike Twin coaster, and the Andromeda base coaster both not operating yet.

Ice age merchandise
That’s all folks!

All in all, that wraps up our visit to Genting SkyWorlds. It is a theme park that offers fun, excitement, adventure, and education. It is tad a testament to the vision and legacy of Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, the founder of Genting Group, who transformed a hilltop into a world-class resort destination. For the $35/pax asking ticket price, I was satisfied with my visit, and one which propels the old sleepy theme park into a world-class one. You will definitely see me coming back, especially when the park’s is fully operating with two new roller coasters open.

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