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Milipol Asia-Pacific 2024

Milipol Asia-Pacific is back again this 2024, an event of collaboration within the realm of homeland security. It draws together some of the brightest minds to shape a safer future. Held once every two years, this premier security exhibition for the Asia-Pacific region typically unfolds at the Marina Bay Sands Area.

Milipol PCSS happy hour
On the Milipol Asia-Pacific 2024 floor with PCSS happy hour booth. Let’s check out the exhbiotn.

In a nutshell, Milipol Asia-Pacific is international exhibitions focused on internal state security. It’s an event where you can find the latest solutions in counter-terrorism, law enforcement, and public safety. The event was born out of a partnership between GIE Milipol, Comexposium, and HTX.

Also, it is support under the auspices of the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs and the French Ministry of the Interior. Interestingly, the event tad represents a shared vision to foster a global dialogue on security internationally. The show aims to showcase the latest and cutting-edge technologies out there, as well as strategies that address the complex challenges of today’s world.

HTX milipol booth
HTX massive booth here at Milipol. One of the major exhibitors here.

What is Milipol?

Furthermore, the name “Milipol” is abbreviated from the words “military and police”, with a core focus on law enforcement and counter-terrorism. Additionally, Milipol aims to reflect their security-focused goal to curate and bring together military and police forces from around the globe. This is in the name of collaboration and learning from each other in the pursuit of common goals.

Repkon defense 40mm launchers
Repkon defense with 40mm grenade launchers. Some of the medium arms Ordnance you can find here at Milipol.

Notably, on some history, ‘Milipol’ was established in 2005. Since then, Milipol Asia-Pacific has evolved into the region’s flagship homeland security event. It is tad a sister event to the Singapore Airshow, similar held this year as well as the Marine-focused IMDEX, all also held biennially. Milipol this year witnessed a growing number of exhibitors and visitors with each edition. It highlights its increasing significance and the trust it has garnered within the international security community.

What to see at Milipol Asia-Pacific this year

Moreover, the show this year is held at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre. At the event, you be greeted by a vast exhibition floor home to over 350 international exhibitors. Also, the show floor buzzes with activity as 10,000 security industry professionals, with most of the crowds are personnel from local industries and government institutions. The event allows participants to engage in dynamic discussions, demonstrations, and networking.

Milipol Anti-drone system
Anti-drone system guns on display.

Also, you be given a rather sizable tote bag at the entrance. Presumably to hold all the various brochures and lead lefts you can collect in the show itself. Also, the halls itself are wide, easy to navigate and not packed enough to obstruct traffic. The event has a small media corner, meeting and conference rooms you can book for meetings on-site. There is also a cafe area at the rear of the halls serving finger foods and coffee.

Military uniforms.
Military uniforms and gear for animals too.

An international exhibition

The show showcases exhibits showcasing everything from counter-terrorism equipment and special forces gear to cutting-edge surveillance systems. The exhibition space is split into sectors by country. Participants includes countries Hungary, China, France and US and Singapore.

US Ordnance small arms displays.
US Ordnance small arms displays.

Furthermore, the show occupies the entire first floor of the Marina Bay Sands convention grounds. You start off going into the China and Hungary corner of the exhibition halls. This is one of the more quiet areas of the show.

Registration booths
China and PPE sections
General booths

Still the Chinese section had a great selection of PPE gear comprising of boots, and body protection, as well as camera domes and flashing light systems. Moreover, there is a strong showing of firearms exhibitors from US, Europe and Malaysia for instance. This includes firearms storage system and lockers Malaysian-owned SWS inntech, and firearms on display by US Ordnance as well as Leapers Michigan.

Firearms safe smart locker system.
Firearms safe smart locker system by SWS inntech.
Diving gear
Leapers Michigan booth

Also, notable finds at the American corner are mostly physical accessories, body protection and weapon sights such as those by Trijicon known for their red dot weapon sights.

USA pavilion and booths
Zodiac MilPro Rafts and Dinghies
US exhibitors

Additionally, being a security-focused event, CCTV and camera surveillance, anti-drone tech are some name of the game here. Hikvision is one of the prominent Chinese companies here known for their surveillance camera systems.

Hikvision booth and display of CCTV camera solutions.
Hikvision booth and display of CCTV camera solutions.

They are known to provide really value system with great in-built analytics out of the box. Speaking of video analytics, there were a few companies at running live imaging demos like thermal cameras and facial and crowd detection on site, where you can see the live result of the analysis.

Hikvision analytics demos.
Hikvision live video analytics demos on the show floor.

Local exhibitors

Milipol Singapore pavilion
Singapore pavilion showcasing our local-brew SMEs.

Moreover, being a Singapore event, there is a strong backing local companies such as ST engineering, Singtel subsidiary NCS as well as Certis has booths here showcasing their physical, command and control and cybersecurity systems.

Autonomous robots at NCS booth.
Autonomous service robots at NCS booth.
Certis chess robot
Certis booth
Singapore exhibitors

Also, the HTX booth is one of the largest and more impressive ones. It showcases the government statutory board various tech. With their main client being the Singapore police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force. Also, don’t miss the crisis response equipment and special vehicles display, where you’ll find the latest in law enforcement transportation.

HTX massive booth and a mainstay and major exhibitor.
HTX massive booth and a mainstay and major exhibitor.

It offers insights into how emergency response professionals prepare for and manage emergency situations. It is tad not only a showcase but also a platform for recruitment and announcements too, with the new electric pump engine being unveiled at the show too.

Asia's first fully electric pump ladder.
Asia’s first fully electric pump ladder on display at the HTX booth.

Local engineering firm ST engineering also has a strong showing at their booth with an offering of security products and a firetruck driving simulator to train firemen drivers.

Milipol ST engineering booth.
Singapore very own ST engineering and their booth at the show.
Firetruck Driving simulator.
ST engineering firetruck Driving simulator.

Beyond physical security

Microsoft and big tech booths.
Microsoft and big tech booths.

Furthermore, Cybersecurity companies are located mostly in the center of the exhibition hall, with big players like Thales, Ensign and American tech giant like Microsoft and Dell Technologies showcasing their cybersecurity services. Even Samsung is around promoting their Knox brand of security tools

Cellebrite happy hour with drinks.
Cellebrite happy hour with drinks.

Interestingly, hospitality is the name of the game here. There are several booths were offering catered food, drinks and snack to visiting guests. Samsung has a coffee bar in a hole, NCS has a buffet spread, while PCS Security and Cellebrite were having happy hours with beers, wines and snacks to boot.

Samsung Knox booth
NCS booth
Cellebrite solution’s booth

Also, you can expect learning opportunities and the chance to connect with peers from around the world. There is also a Capture the flag zone with task and prizes to be won. Interestingly, I find the conduct of Milipol is moving away from traditional physical security. It has more emphasis on cyber security now too, with more exhibitors offering digital services like threat analysis and cyber/info security systems.

Ai Capture the flag with packed timetable through the show.
Ai Capture the flag with packed timetable through the show.

Also, the gravity of crowds also tend to gravitate more toward these cybersecurity booths here. It is where more of the interesting product offerings and demos are too at the trade show.

Ensign booth
Ensign Infosecurity booth.

It is a known fact that cyber security companies do have quite the budget when it comes to trade shows. Hence, it is not uncommon to see generous offerings of foods and beverages at their booths to woo potential participants to showcase their products. However, do not expect to see lavish gifts like toys, giant swords or book signings here like Blackhat USA we attended a couple years back in Las Vegas.

TechX Summit

Moreover, a highlight of the event is the TechX Summit. It is a collaborative effort with HTX that delves into the role of science and technology in enhancing public safety. Also, here, you’ll witness top government officials, operational experts, and industry leaders discussing the latest technological trends and strategies.

Wrapping up

All in all, that’s all for Milipol this year with the next 2026 installment running from 28-30 April. It the event is a community of dedicated individuals and organizations united in the pursuit of global security. It is regardless whether you are a government official, a security professional, or an industry leader. The event offers an opportunity to become part of a larger narrative centered on collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of security in an ever-changing world.


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