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Kumar stands up for Singapore at Esplanade by Dream Academy

Kumar stands up for Singapore is a Musical which runs at the Esplanade from 22nd - 26th April 2015. The "Musical" is largely an extended stand up comedy where Kumar will blabber over anything under the sun, from current issues, politics, racial and LGBT topics to Singaporean xenophobia, often with a Singaporean twist which is hard to beat. The...

History of Singapore Part 2 by Dream Academy at Esplanade

This second installment of the History of Singapore focuses on the Growing Up Years of Singapore, brought to you by the Dream academy comedy and performed live at the Esplanade. The musical is directed by Glen Goei and starring the lovable Dim Sum dollies (Selena Tan, Pam Oei, Denise Tan) as well as funny guy Hossan Leong and the...

World Pillow Fight Day 03 April

Was at the world pillow fight day last Saturday (3rd April) in London. The event is a free-for-all event with very simple rules of engagement- Get as many friends to come down the event and anybody with a pillow is a target. Man! it was chaotic but extremely fun at the same time. The event is part of a...

Team fortress 2 Motivational signs- Steamroll and teamstacking sprays

Motivational signs are always well... motivational- stuff you usually see lining cubicle walls or classrooms. On the other end of the spectrum, particularly if you use them in another unintended way, come the kind of signs we call de-motivational signs. Coupled with a sense of humor these signs can get rather hilarious, especially when you try to get about...

US bailout funds from the hood!

Ok we all know that the US treasury is bailing-out and boosting the economy with various economical policies using the reserves. This is so in Singapore as well. I found this photo shopped animated gif image while surfing the internet and I can't stop laughing whenever I see it. It's like ol' snoops with the big daddy's bailout funds,...

My little theory of intelligence levels of internet comments (nada)

You know sometimes in and out as an internet user you will encounter comments in various blogs or forums which are not always as constructive as you intend them to be. It always seems that the internet "comment" function has it's role primary as a way of effectively (and most importantly) a way to convey constructive thoughts and feedback...

The Animals Save the Planet – Gassy Cows

Apparently these short little clips were aired on the Animal planet channel, but managed to catch all of them online, so why not share some of the funnies while I am at it. The 'The Animals Save the Planet" comprises of many short clips (11 in total) which aims to teach the green way of life and saving the...

Internet Helpdesk Comedy Video

Well this is not totally new, but rather original in it's sense, especially if you've worked in help lines before just love the split personalities of call center people. Now please hold. Beep!

Laughingly, advertlets domain is down

Sorry for the unexpected redirection to a parked domain at some point of the day today. Laughingly, one of my site advertising agents, Advertlets.com has expired on 04-Jan-2008 and all site's showing their ads will be forced redirected to a parked domain page which amusingly some body took and parked. Lol. How can a company run a business and...

91.3FM Married Man Show Plucked Singapore!

For those who had been tuning into 91.3FM 5pm Married Man Show, and wondering about the rumors and news of the show terminating, the show is still on! Only that the crew: Rod, Andre & Audrey will be out on a 2 week holiday from boss. Labeled as the "largest record setting Kana plucked ever" by Rod, talking about...

No Pok! No Pork! Coffeeshop & More…

In the mist of all this exam madness, let just catch some local laughs with these ol' hawker audio clip pranks. No POK! Kopi Yi-Pei! School Time had been very tight on my side, this semester is very very very short, too short to even breathe I guess, with me just barely making through on most of the modules I am taking. The...

Hossan Leong – Talking Cock in Parliament

Teacher showed us this in class today, got this up on blog before the class ended. Must watch! wahahahaha. Now to meet the rest of the track team in the clubhouse later for dinner.

GTA: Coke Advertisement

OMG, this is nice. Especially if you know GTA. With a very different twist of life. Paying for the drink, "carjacking" tipping the homeless, putting out fires and returning cash. Do a little good and it all comes back to you lalala-lalalala! All GTA style at a TV near you! Now to burn another 15km of rubber.

10 Annoying Things Women Do

Caught this on a regular surf by, interesting to share here though. Men love women. The way they look, smell, walk and talk are just some of the reasons why we consider them a divine species. Yet we can't live with them, and we certainly can't live without them... ...for the most part anyway, because perfect, they are not. And upon...

Top 50 things to do in a Final Exam

Had some spare relaxation time before my paper today, went around surfing for stuffs to keep my mind free & clean & chanced upon these few funny articles.. haha hilarious! Top 50 things to do in a Final Exam (If ya gonna fail it anyway) You're A College Burnout If… College Seniors vs. Freshmen Stay Out Of...


Caught Madagascar at orchard Lido today with Dom. Smuggled in 2 subway sandwiches as lunch into the cinema to munch on. The place is about 2/3 filled, mostly with kids, some exceptionally noisy at times, but otherwise manageable with a simple shhh! by anyone. Overall, in direct comparison with other dream works pictures (such as the shark's tale...

Geography of Women

Geography of Women, between the ages 18 & 22, she is like Africa, half discovered, half wild, naturally beautiful with fertile soil. 23 & 30, she is like America, well developed & open to trade, especially for someone with cash. 31 & 35, she is like India, very hot, relaxed & convinced of her own beauty. 36 & 40,...

25 Dumbest moments in gaming

Check out this funny article I came across at gamespy today, simply hilarious. Check it out at here. Currently Listening: Nothing!

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