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FOW Derivatives world asia 2008

FOW Derivatives world asia 2008

Held in the posh confines of the Raffles Convention center, the FOW derivatives world asia 2008 is an annual event where trading firms come to showcase their latest online trading software and market solutions. Well don’t ask me why I am at this event today, as this is the first time I am actually attending this event. It was my mum who was invited to the event, but well, being a derivatives trader herself, she had the honor of “inviting” me to meet her at the event after I was done with business on my side in the morning.

Besides the buffet and myriad of free gifts at every booth, there was an extensive showcase of SGX, GL Trade, Progress, Tokyo Exchange and Patsystems were there. I never caught on with trading software and stuff, neither the amusing sign languages my mum used to make when she worked as a trader in the SGX pits previously, (aka Simex during her time) so this was an eye opener to me. The most I know about what she does is only helping her install her PC and multi HD screens setup shes uses to trade from home.

Now, digital trading seems to be the only way to go now, which sad to say, saw the demise of regular pit trading in Singapore which I think my mum really misses as well, not to mention meeting many of her ex-colleagues at today’s event where she came to know after catching-up, many now left the job due to the roughness and competitiveness of online trading now. Things are not like the old glory days, times had changed.


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