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Early mother’s day, online shopping spree

How can I mistaken mother’s day being today than on next next sunday. Anyway, gave my mum her mother’s day card this morning together with some cute little red heart shaped plushie thingy with ‘I Luv mom’ sewn on it. She was rather surprised too though, till she recieved the gifts & told me: “Shaun, mother’s day is not in till next week!” & yea there I was momentarily stunned, & yea its stated next week on the calender too… too late dang! The occasion seemed so near, esp with all the greeting shops stocking up on mother’s day gifts and cards, its hard to miss the feeling, & the rush too, it just felt too close. I knew it was sunday, but a wrong sunday!

Well, I just emmm “told her” that next weekend may be quite rushing for me, esp the possiblity of staying back in camp (though the probablity is almost zero, it was just an excuse) & me going for a BBQ with my friends next saturday, may be staying over & till sunday & won’t be able to wish her mother’s day then. Though mum didn’t questioned me of my mistake, I can tell that she kinda brought the point of me telling her: “nothing beats the feeling of recieving a mother’s day gift on a nice sunday morning while having breakfast (thats what I actually did this morning). All in hand I can tell that she was rather happy with this year’s presents, & yea, she was not out to get me just for that!


Payday would be in bout 8 days time, & I guess its time it came too. Considering that I’ve spent almost $250 on driving lessons only just for a fortnight. Its freaking expensive, the worst thing is I have to pay most of the fees myself arghh! (Dad want me to go thru this myself, but how much cheaper was it last time when he took his leesons? minus inflation arghh!)

Never underestimated is the power of internet shopping, esp with me getting my hands (die money! wrong move) on a debit card with my name on it.. the feeling to impulsively spruge & spruge is great.. argh! convience argh! low rates so many things to buy! overload! anyway, got one of these for my phone today.

So much for debit, why not credit? The net is a good place to earn cash too. Been looking around e-bay.com.sg lately & found quite some nice deals there. Moreover, I have tons of old computer modems, ram, etc to sell possibly making some money too. Also if you wanna help out feel free to give the art commissions section a ring or so. 😉


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