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New year’s morning

Well, its new year’s day, the morning! A fine day so far, the ambience, the breakfast, the hopes for a nice good 2004. Didn’t have much time to recap actually what happened yesterday in my previous post, so I would just get blabbering on this one. New year’s eve, booked out of camp around noon, got home, ate mum’s home cooked beehoon soup for lunch, slacked and rested as much I can in the afternoon before setting of to beach road for a steamboat dinner at Goldenmile complex.

As traffic is expected to be quite bad at the central district area, got my dad to park the car at he outskirts of town near the shaw towers area, but very much within walking distance to suntec where I did some shopping around the place (and a nice walk after dinner too), got a paintball games mag and dec issue of total guitar magazine. As the new year’s celebrations are at esplanade area, so we pretty much made our way to millena walk, then marina square, raffles one link thereafter for some hours of coffee and snacks at a coffee club (having 2 shots of their house special brew to stay awake) till bout 11.40pm where we made our way to the esplanade bayfront for the actual event itself.

Guess that covers most of it. have a wonderful new year’s day!

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