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Mother’s day tml

Came back from camp around noon today, got changed and stuff, then got my dad to fetch me to woodlands MRT station @ Causeway Point after lunch, at home, all to collect some freshly baked mother’s day brownies I’ve ordered from one of my bunkmate’s girlfriend, hehe. Came back and finished gift preparations and wrapping for mother’s day. Would be giving my mum brownies, a card and photoframe with a specially printed family photo in it. Man will she be surpirsed!

Later in the day, went for dinner, shopping and more coffee! – Had an early mother’s day dinner with my family at Happy Pay steamboat resturant, Bugis. The food is just “ok” with fish head the place is also very crowded during dinner time, so we did some shopping at Parco before heading back there again. Brought a Bilabong wallet to replace my previously Damaged burberry’s, got a new pair of Sony street headphones too. After dinner and armed with some starbucks discount coupons, (courtesy of the starbucks counter girls.. hehe thx!) treated my family to some starbucks coffee, (2 rasberry mocha, a standard mocha fap and a coffee of the day plus cookies) had quite a chat there to keep up on the times (and to make up for time lost in-camp).. all till bout 11.30pm before heading home.

Wishing all those staying back for RT (remedial training) – have a good time at camp :p and pass your next IPPT! Will you enjoy your bookout tomorrow morning! LOL! *evil grin*

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