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Friday, February 28, 2020
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The end of this sunday.

Its coming to the end of the week... (If ya weeks don't start on a sunday it is so.) it had been a fun week and letssee.. my horoscope next week tells me to...

Hossan Leong – Talking Cock in Parliament

Teacher showed us this in class today, got this up on blog before the class ended. Must watch! wahahahaha. Now to meet the rest of the track team in the clubhouse later for dinner.

Opps there comes gravity, back to reality…

Caught up with revision over the weekend. Guess its wake up, study study, eat, bath, study study from now on.. Recieved a call from Shuppedo regarding the 01S22 SAJC class of 2001 gathering the...

Start of October

Booking out on friday would be a first & too, a very much welcomed thing for the company. Considering the implementation of the 5 day work work week by our prime minister. Its october...

Die comment spammers!

Add a niffy new plug-in to the blog today, namely an additonal field which requires people to enter a security code (from a randomly generated graphic) in order to successfully post a comment. Something...

IPPT go or no go?

Got a call from my NS bunkmate Daryl yesterday asking whether I was posted to a unit. Apparently most of us commanders even our troopers had calls on their postings over the pass weeks,...

Disruption test

Though my birthday is next tuesday, the celebrations with my family are already done, the singapore fragfest is also on, not to mention all the birthday celebration call ups. However, though all these anticipation,...

Weekend Enjoyment

*sniff* *sniff* Well, the flu outbreak here almost got me last friday, but I am happy that the fresh air we get from outfield jungle training clears sinus real good either- talking bout a...

Lego Halloween Mini figures Series 14- Identifying the blind packs

This month saw the launch of the 14th series of the highly collectible Lego Mini Figures (minifig). With each series, you get 16 unique figures following a specific theme, with the last one being...

Effective tips to selling fund-raising flags in Singapore

I won't consider myself a veteran flag seller, since I've started my work as a flag day volunteer few years ago in aid for various VWOs such as the Singapore cancer society, heart foundation,...

The week in plain text, & pictures!

:smile: Haiz, the last 5 days are very much spent learning a new weapon, the Carl 84mm Recoilless rifle Medium Anti Tank weapon. Its like 16kg, not one of the heaviest, but one which...
Shaunchng.com wishes all Singapore and all Singaporeans, a very happy SG50 Jubilee year!

Wishing Singapore and all Singaporeans, a very happy SG50 Jubilee year!

Well wishes to Singapore and all Singaporeans alike on a very happy SG50 Jubilee year today! Here is an illustration I made specially for Singapore's big 50th year today. Though 50 years is short...


Checking out Don Don Donki Central mall Clark Quay

There is nothing stopping the wave that is Don Don Donki. Just this month, the Japanese establishment recently opened their newest and 6th establishment...

Google Pixel 3a released

Izmailovsky Flea Market

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Asia's largest aerospace and defence event is back again in Singapore after a one year break. You can remember the last show being the...

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