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Happy new year 2019

Howdy happy new 2019! It is that time of the year again! Lets take a step back from the bustles of life where we take time to reflect on the past year happenings, as well as to make new resolutions in the light of the new. It can be for better health, fitness or the best for your friends and family. Have you thought of your new year’s resolutions?

In the light of the festivals going on today, the new year too is also a good to think about how you can improve yourself. Let be trying something new, starting a new hobby, or exploring a new place. You name it. I personally try to learn a new skill or hobby every year. Or, say at least try to do something I always do differently. It adds more zest to look forward in the coming year.

This year’s new year countdown party at the Floating platform was way better than last year‘s. Firstly as the weather was better, no one was drenched in rain, and there were actually stage performances to begin with. Moreover, there were fewer of those pushy hipster market places which was pretty much what was the countdown “party” the year before.

Fireworks ahoy!

Also, Fireworks were seen to be regularly fired from 11.30pm onward till the stroke of midnight. They were let go in small bursts at about every minute or so to keep the hype up, until the big finale at the stroke of midnight. Notably, the actual midnight fireworks surprisingly lasted shorter than expected, about 7 minutes in total.

Also, looking forward, Chinese new year is also around the corner. This year too, we will welcome the year of the Boar the following month. The boar is also the last animal of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac before it rotates back to the year of the rat the following year.

Many happy returns! And may 2019 be a good year for you.



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