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Happy New 2020!

Wishing all my visitors on my site a Happy New 2020!

The last year had been a rather busy year for me, and I see this coming year one which would bring about new challenges. Resolutions are always a big thing for the New Year. What are your New Year resolutions?

Happy New 2020

Resolutions often revolve around health, wealth and family. Health, Family and friendships are of course to be cherished first. On health, it is always good to stick to running on a regular schedule for sports, especially if you are a busy working professional. I enjoy running and saw myself totaling at least 30km of runs each week last year. Additionally I had the chance to experiment with many new running aids, watches and health trackers to aid and automate the distance tracking of my runs. It is good to see myself increasing my frequency of runs again, and exploring new routes.

Moreover, as with each year, I plan to learn a new skill or start a new hobby, like furthering my interesting in computers and Infosec and by attending Blackhat and Defcon last year. Also, I be looking to grow the site presence with more new content. Content creation is fun. The site in 2019 saw at least 84764 hits a day. This is up to a peak of 8849 unique visitors per day, and a nominal value of about 6500 uniques per day. This translates to about 270 visitors per hour average. Also, I be looking to expand on content to the site as well as build up my YouTube presence.

Traveling-wise, I would be visiting Japan on a trip early this year. Which would put me on a headstart for any traveling plans and articles to write on for the year.

Furthermore, come 2020 Chinese new year is also the year of the Rat. Come to think about it, I seldom write about myself now, maybe I would do it, or write an opinion column once in a while. Everything looks chill for the new year. Lets see it to be a good one indeed. Cheers to 2020.


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