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Happy 2018 Lunar New year of the Dog!

It is the 2018 Lunar New Year! It is time of the year again where we are surrounded by loved ones. Not to mention it is the season of Mandarin oranges, Yusheng, Bak Gua and Ang Pow (Red packets).

Chinese New Year this year falls on a Friday. Hence, it adds to a pretty long weekend if you are to use up your Saturday off-in-lieu on the following Monday for a 4-day weekend. Not bad I say. Also, it is not uncommon to see Singaporeans leaving the country for holidays (What tradition?) rather than Chinese New Year visiting these days. This is especially in the hectic and busy work culture we live in.

For me, I will be caught up with visitations to family. This is especially meeting and catching up with relatives I had not met in a long while.

Chinese Zodiac 101

Let us welcome the year of the Earth Dog, and say farewell to the year of the Fire Rooster. In Chinese culture, it is believed that people inherit the animal’s characteristics of the animal zodiac year they are born in. For instance, as with characteristics of the Dog, those born in the year of dog are thought to be loyal, patient, and reliable. Also, they are communicative and responsible at their work.

Moreover, Zodiac theory is largely related to the Chinese elemental theory. You might be familiar with the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. Each one corresponds to the year you are born in. The arrangement of the Zodiac animals is largely based off the tale and folklore of the Heavenly gate “Big race”. In the race, the Rat finished first, followed by the Ox and Tiger, with the pig finishing last.

In addition to that, these Zodiac animals are also very closely associated with one of five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. These five elements, together with the 12 animal zodiac signs combine to produce a 60-year cycle of unique animal and elemental combinations. Henceforth, people born in the coming 2018 Lunar New Year are considered Earth Dogs.

These elemental animals form the basis of what Feng Shui masters can provide in their predictions every year. These factors for the individual in every new year range from wealth, health, love and carrier aspects. Humorously, there is always plenty for them to talk about every year.

Lastly, wishing all my Chinese friends, visitors and those who celebrate the occasion alike a very Happy Lunar new year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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