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Getting to the Singapore Airshow 2018

2018 is the year again for the Singapore Biennial Singapore Airshow. It is Asia’s largest aerospace and defense event, seeing a broad range of aerospace exhibits again both in-air and on-ground at the Changi Exhibition Center. The show comprises of indoor, outdoor open area aircraft static display area and aerial displays. Given Changi Exhibition center rather remote location along the new Changi coast road. It does take some considerable traveling getting to the venue grounds.

Getting there

Given large crowds and traffic congestion, it is highly recommended to take the public transport to the Airshow. This is from my past experiences of driving or taking Taxis in. The high congestion traffic at the Changi coast road can get pretty bad, further amplified by road closures. Definitely a force to be dealt with. Moreover, as with past Airshows, Private and Private-hire cars (for example, Uber and Grab) are not allowed into the show carpark and drop off points without a valid car label.

However, Taxis are allowed entry. But departing the Airshow via Taxi will incur an addition $10 pick-up charge. If you drive in, do take note that individual and vehicle security checks may be conducted at the tent entry area.

Complimentary return Airshow Shuttle

Notably, with every valid Airshow ticket, you get complimentary return Airshow Shuttle for all public visitors from the Singapore Expo Hall 7 for transfer to the show site. You can simply take the MRT via the Green East-West line or the new comfy Downtown line (Blue Line) to the Expo MRT Station.

Fast moving queue bus lines at the Expo

If you take the official shuttle in, you get to by-pass the heavy traffic queues with buses having priority lane entry. Hence, traveling from Expo is the best option. If you took the bus option in the last 2016 airshow, the process is similar.

Despite having to deal with a large number of people at the Expo, queue lines are fast moving. There is never a moment which you will be standing still in-line. You will find yourself constantly walking through the vast hall to the other end of the Expo hall 7, where the security counters reside. Checks and bag scans are all done at the Expo venue itself within 10-15 minutes. To expedite security checks, you are advised to travel light.

The dedicated Airport shuttle buses

Henceforth, you will broad SPF-sealed SMRT buses bring you right into the exhibition grounds. Here, you can walk straight off the bus right into the exhibition grounds on arrival. Furthermore, you won’t have to deal with traffic jams leading into the Changi Exhibition center. All in all, the transport arrangements are rather well planned by the organizers.

Shuttle Timings

The Airshow shuttle service from Singapore Expo to the exhibition center starts from 7:30am, with the last bus at 3:00pm. The show is open from 9.30am to 5pm. Likewise, the return bus trip from the Changi exhibition center to Singapore Expo starts with the first bus at 8:30am and the last bus at 6:00pm.

Next up, the sights and sounds of the exhibits and outdoor aircraft displays at the Singapore Changi Exhibition Center.


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