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Welcome 2018! How to make better resolutions in the new year

Howdy! It is time of the year again where we look back and reflect on the year 2017 to pass. As we welcome 2018, it is also the time where we do a reality check, look back on your accomplishments and setting new plans and resolutions for the year ahead. Lets talk about making good resolutions.

How to make better resolutions

Avoid generalization. A general rule of thumb is to pick a resolution that is define not too big, general or broad. It is worthy to note that if a desired goal to accomplish is not defined properly, you could risk making it much harder to reach your planned goals. Here are some pointers to make better new year resolutions:

Quantify your goals. Ideally, this means having to numerically define your goals. This will allow you to not only make your objective to accomplish clear but remove ambiguity. For example, say if you are planning to hit a weight target, or even a personal savings target, why not set a numerical target weight to go under or a savings dollar value target respectively? It will help.

To put it into practice, lets use a fitness resolution as an example. Humorously, weight loss related resolutions often falls within 70-80% of everyone resolution every year. This could account for the noticeably sudden surge in gym memberships usually year start. A good resolution instead of saying “be fitter” or “exercise more” will be say, I plan to hit the gym or run at least twice a week. To go down even further, you can even say I wish to run say, 5km each run within a target of 60 minutes. This makes you goal more attainable. Moreover, even if you can’t reach your goals and the ones to focus on instead that you can see through to the end.

Set attainable goals and incremental milestones. Lastly, goals are not scary if you don’t make them out of reach. You also have to be realistic with yourself and set attainable goals. It will be unrealistic to say accomplish a 168km ultra marathon by year end if you currently have problems even finishing a 2.4km run. Tone it down to say, a year-end target of 10km, with a 5km target by mid-year. Having small milestones and accomplishments along the way can also serve as motivational points. This will spur and motivate you to attain your goals one step at a time.

Also remember, goals can span over a duration of a year. The goals you set this year can also be built upon with increased goals to ultimately hit you targets.

Looking into 2018

Looking back, 2017 itself we had been a rather interesting year. MRT breakdowns aside, we also saw the sharp rise of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum surging to record levels. Thankfully, countries and markets had shred off much of the recession fears and returning to normalcy. Sadly, we had also seen the new face of terrorism and the increased use of vehicular tactics to disrupt peace. On the global front, we see China as a new global force, while US has fallen back as a world-leader on environmental measures and liberalism with reduced tolerance and increased hate in the US against minority groups.

Looking forward in 2018. It will be the year of a couple of significant events such as the World cup in Russia, as well as the Malaysian and Russian general elections. We can potentially also see the surge of cryptocurrencies surging ahead more with prices of big players such as Bitcoin predicted to further the bull run into the $40k levels.

To all my readers and particularly returning visitors, may 2018 bring you opportunity and good times ahead. February will be the day of the lunar new year too, where we will be ushering the year of the Dog.

That is another new year worthy for another blog post. Till then stay happy, stay safe.

Happy New 2018!


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