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Old Traditions that Adapts – Riverside Mid Autumn Festival

In the light of the Mid Autumn festival going on now, noticeably would be the array of nicely made lights and translucent lantern display on along Chinatown and the Singapore river by the River Walk (specifically opposite the Clark Quay on the Central Shopping Center side). Personally in the light of the rather high standards and taste we people...

SPH’s omy (www.omy.sg MMS 75858) Trade Launch Party at Clark Quay

The Omy.sg launch party was on tonight and shaunchng.com was in on a trade invitation. So what else can we do on a holiday but PARTY? Held at Clarke Quay's outdoor atrium where the fountains are we see a fusion of fellow bloggers together with corporate guests all gathering to witness the sneak preview and soft launch of the...

Blogger.SG – Yawn?

Thats the news on the Sunday times today, boring? It's kinda contrasting in reference to my experience there. Well, maybe the crowded is not that big, say 200-250? but if it were any larger & I think we gonna need a bigger place... Anyway, the article hardly even covers anything from the con at all. Furthermore the blog awards...

Bloggers.SG photo update

Today saw a day at Blogger's.SG, the first ever blog convention held in Singapore, in a club too! Overall, the con was great & I guess we have the organisers Tomorrow.sg to thank, not to mention mrbrown & this evil minions. Though the place was kinda cramped, I guess its overall better than hosting it at woodlands.. where its...

Bloggers.SG T-Shirt Design

The Singapore Bloggers convention, to be held this year 16th july needed a T-shirt design, the they opened a small competition for design. So being a usual kind soul I got started on it immediately after reading about it today. Design explanation: The design is meant to go on a white shirt. There are 2 logos for the shirt, one...

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I am 21! (birthday update)

Ahha I am 21 already. It had been a very busy week & I guess this is gonna be one of the very memorable birthdays ever, even better than my 18th birthday celebration. I always remember always being asked this question by friends many times, many years back on "what am I gonna do when I turn 21" back...

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