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Singapore Changi T3 Airport (Terminal 3) – Skylights, Departure & Transit Hall

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Departure Hall & Skylights
You will be greeted by sunlight upon entering the 2nd floor departure hall area, which the benchmark set by Japan on their “floating airport”, this is no exception given the favorable sunny conditions of Singapore.

not to mention 7 floors in height and almost 63 football fields in area!
Scale model of whole terminal
not to mention how many Tasmanian Tigers & Dodos we can bring back on top of lowering the sea level with the power we save o
The computerised skylight system
here we have the same ICA biometric passport scanner gantries for passport and access card holders.
The emigration counters

The terminal upper levels are all luminated purely by sunlight in the day. 919 skylights fitted with automatic computer controlled reflectors angle light into the terminal as the time passes or given ambient and cloud conditions, reducing the need for artificial lighting and saving power as well.

Shopping Galore
Go past the departure gates and be greeted by the Crossroad compact events area, housing Fullerton Hotel’s Post Bar and general events area between boarding gates A (to the left) and B (to the right).

it seems that the skylight is everywhere!
The skylight is everywhere! (close up)
...quite sometime to reach...
The internal duty free shopping areas
people not included!
Transit area koi ponds

Though currently in the mist of renovations, T3 will feature a world class mall with more than 40 F&B outlets and over 20 service outlets in both public areas and the transit mall itself on top of the usual Cable TV lounges and internet stations littered all around for traveler’s conveniences. 580 Plasma screens are utilized throughout the whole terminal providing timely flight information in the transit and public areas on top of providing entertainment to travelers as well.

Traveler Facilities
Besides spotting 56 toilets in the whole terminal, theres even powder/ dressing/ make-up rooms on top of snoozing and shower facilities for all travelers. Executives can make the most of the transit time in the lounges meeting rooms and business facilities. Staying for a long transit? need a place to stay overnight? Check into the 4 star Airport Crowne Plaza hotel after clearing immigration and customs.

note the same looming skylight over here too

Transit Koi Pond & Butterfly Garden
Lined along the far end of the traveler’s transit area is a long 3 floor high viewing deck allowing passengers to catch a full view of the Terminal’s taxiway and runways. Running the whole length of this observation deck is a zen themed koi pond complete with life trees and bridges to complete the scene of tranquility.

Spend time by the koi pond for a quiet interlude with nature- lined throughout the transit viewing area are exquisite koi ponds with bridges and indoor greenery to boot. What’s more there is even a butterfly garden themed to Singapore’s tropical setting with a given animated tropics retreat.

Getting around Transit area
With a total of 51 escalators, 36 lifts to boot, not to mention dedicated transit express skytrains serving the “A gate” aerogates, Terminal 3 will definitely have no problem getting travelers to their destination not only in time, but in style as well.

These facilities however, can only be accessed after walking a considerable distance from the departure gates and upon reaching the first gate, (which means having to go through the crossroads mall) area, so do be prepared for quite some walking if need be.

There are plenty of push carts and resting sofa for those who need a rest, but from experience, you won’t feel the heat given the myriad of Duty-free shopping opportunities and surprises at every corner, otherwise though not quite a welcome to those who need to get to their gates in a hurry.

the never ending road...
Travelators to end gates
and more artificially lit air! (no skylights here)
The vast open spaces
here we have our demo A340 docked for sizing up! (see how low the aerogate have to go down)
And A340 docked at an A380 aerogate

Vast open spaces
Noticeably, one of the trademarks of Terminal 3 are the vastly large carpeted open spaces which dominate many areas of the transit walkway and mall area. The choice of muted carpet hues add to the luxury yet conservative look of the terminal, with ample waiting/seating places for the budding traveler together with many corners for tour groups to gather.

We had a demo A340 docked at an A380 gate during our visit, showing the capabilities of the 3-armed aerogate designed to take on the A380 with ease. Next off I cover the aerogates and gate holding rooms

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