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I am 21! (birthday update)

Ahha I am 21 already. It had been a very busy week & I guess this is gonna be one of the very memorable birthdays ever, even better than my 18th birthday celebration.

I always remember always being asked this question by friends many times, many years back on “what am I gonna do when I turn 21” back then our thoughts are always driven on the envy of 21 age-restrictions & privileges, but that was back then.. history. When you are REALLY 21, I guess I can rightfully answer that now- MEGA CELEBRATION dudes!

Spanning 3 birthday celebrations/dinners over a period of 3 days (19th, 25th & 26th of March). The first day (19th) saw a formal 10 course dinner with my relatives at Yan palace Chinese restaurant where the birthday cake was presented at the end of the dinner. The actual birthday celebration was reserved for a rather personal international buffet dinner with my family at Merchant Court, Swissotel where the night was spent chilling out in the nightlife of Clarke Quay. The 26th called upon an informal hill top combined birthday celebration for Lester & his bro too. Caught up with my old secondary school friends, catching up on much needed times.

& theres everybody!
Family dinner
The birthday cake!
Birthday cake!
(26th Mar)Purmei hill top celebration with Lester.
Celebrations with friends

Lastly I would like to take this opportunity to thank all, family, relatives & friends alike for attending & making the celebration(s) a success. Not to mention all the birthday cards, e-mails, e-cards, smses, presents & angbao! Thank You!

Photos of the event are now up in photo gallery.

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