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Upcoming flag days for March till early April

Do your bid for charity, here are some charity events coming up for the rest of the month so do volunteer for a good cause as well. I will most probably be going for those listed here, so do bug me if you are interested! SP community service regulars, please bug me through my mobile for more details, especially for the President’s challenge one.

March 22nd 2008

Singapore Cancer Society Flag Day
As a self-funding Voluntary Welfare Organisation, Singapore Cancer Society relies on the public to provide funding for our programmes. They are appealing to schools, organisations and concerned individuals to help us during their Flag Day on March 22, 2008… the money we collect will go towards helping cancer patients and their families pay for the costs of their treatment, funding important research on cancer and providing home health care for those who are too ill to go to hospitals for their treatment, amongst others.

Come help out at the Singapore Cancer Society Flag Day 2008… because a little compassion goes a long way.
Contact Persons :
Ms Ann Lee
Tel : 64215-880
e-mail : ann_lee@singaporecancersociety.org.sg

Ms Jessie Liu
Tel : 64215-859
e-mail: jessie_liu@singaporecancersociety.org.sg

– Singapore Cancer Society

April 5th 2008

Viriya Community Services

We will be having our Flag Day on Saturday, 5 April 2008. On this day, our volunteers will be on the streets island wide to help us to raise S$120,000 in support of our various community projects. We like to appeal to you for your generous donation. Viriya Community Services is full member of the National Council of Social Service and an institution of public character. All outright cash donations qualify for double tax deduction.
We also need many volunteers and please encourage your family members, friends and colleagues to support us. Just proactively appeal to the man in the street and within 3 hours, you will fill up our donation bags to the brim! Only you can help us to make a positive impact on the lives of our beneficiaries. To volunteer, please contact either one of our staff:

Roger Ong @ 6341 7943, e mail roger@viriya.org.sg
Lee Guoxing @ 6795 1008 ext 104, e mail guoxing@viriya.org.sg

We are flexible on the time so long as you put in your best effort to help the society in need. We are permitted to solicit from 7 am to 10.00 pm on 5 April 2008!
We appreciate your support!

– Viriya Community Services

April 10th 2008

SP Flag day for President Challenge 2008

The SP flag day is part of the SP freshman orientation programme for character development. I will be there mainly to guide my juniors as a mentor for the fund raising for the President’s Challenge 2008. If you are interested in it, please contact me directly through the contact link on the top left or leave a comment to this post.


    • Hi Blade, these are currently the flag days for the month. Frankly spekaing this april is not bad in terms of events, the schedule for May is not really finalised yet. Do not expect as many in May though, only a handful compared to April.

  1. Hi there, my friends and I are looking for CIP activities to do, was wondering if we could join the SP flag day.
    we are not from SP though, we’re in a junior college and need to clock in some cip hours

    is it possible? do reply!

    • Hi Lydia, sure glad you can help out. I will be contacting you through email about the details for the 10th April flagday for the 2008 President’s Challenge Charity.

      Generally it will be about 7.30- 8am reporting at locations all round Singapore. Which area do you prefer?

  2. Details sent: Lydia, check you mail 😀

    As part of the SP flag day and president’s challenge 2008. Volunteers willing to help please meet 7.30am at Raffles Place MRT (i.e the open field near Caltex house) on the 10th April 2008 (Thursday).

    There you will have to register and will be given the event coin bank as well as the event tee-shirt. Please check with the liaison officer there on returning the cans especially after 12noon where the tin collection point will be back at Singapore Polytechnic itself.


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