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Mio Fine Foods Neil Road

Nestled along Neil Road, a historic thoroughfare in Singapore, Mio Fine Foods beckons with its promise of traditional yet artisanal Japanese cuisine. Opening its doors on August 5, 2022, this charming eatery occupies a corner unit at 82 Neil Road, surrounded by quaint shophouses and a lively neighborhood ambiance. As you step inside, the cozy high tea setting welcomes you, adorned with wooden accents, soft lighting, and an ambiance steeped in the tales of the past.

Mio Fine foods spread
The spread here at Mio Fine foods.

Moreover, seated within the snug confines of Mio Fine Foods, one immediately appreciates its affordable Japanese fine dining setting. Despite its discreet location in a 5-foot walkway shop, the restaurant exudes an elegant zen garden-themed interior.

Front entrance of Mio Fine Foods
Front entrance of Mio Fine Foods at Neil Road.

Wooden furniture, green plants, and ample natural lighting foster a serene and inviting atmosphere. While space may be a premium, with seating available on both the ground and top floors, the attentive service and accommodating staff ensure a comfortable dining experience for up to 40 guests.

Upper seating area at the shophouse restaurant.
Upper seating area at the shop house restaurant.

In a nutshell, Mio Fine Foods prides itself on an array of stunning artisanal dishes, with a focus on sushi, sashimi, sandos, and wagyu beef. Air-flown fresh ingredients guarantee quality and authenticity in every bite. Also, the Art of Sushi Teishoku, showcased through meticulously crafted sushi platters, delights with its fresh sashimi and accompanying sides of wasabi and soy sauce.

Art Of Sushi Teishoku

Moreover, the menu at Mio Fine Foods boasts a diverse selection of Japanese-inspired culinary delights. This ranges from wagyu beef bowls, sushi platters to potato mash, all priced under the $30 range. Each dish is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality and flavour.

The best of Mio’s menu shines through dishes like their 8-Piece Nigiri Sushi, featuring a tantalizing array of flavors including bluefin tuna, salmon belly, and Hokkaido scallops. Sushi platters, comprising inventive combinations like salmon avocado and uniagi cheese, showcase the culinary creativity of the kitchen. The wagyu beef sando, a Japanese sandwich elevated to an art form, offers a flavor explosion with each bite.

8 Piece Nigiro Sushi platter ($25).
8 Piece Nigiro Sushi platter ($25).

Furthermore, do try their 8 Piece Nigiro Sushi platter ($25). It comprises of bluefin tuna, yellowtail, salmon belly, Hokkaido scallops, swordfish, squid and Red caviar. Alternatively, their Salmon sushi platter costs a cheaper $15, while their Grab sushi platter ($25) has choices beyond seafood, comprising of salmon avocado, uniagi cheese, tanuki, hotat mentaiko and wasabi ebi $25.

Try their platters

Sashimi and platters steal the spotlight with impeccably sliced, melt-in-your-mouth pieces of salmon, tuna, and yellowtail. These generous portions, whether seafood or meat-based, are beautifully presented and ideal for sharing among friends or family. Each dish reflects Mio Fine Foods’ philosophy of finding beauty in small moments, weaving elegance into every aspect of the dining experience.

Grab sushi platter
Grab sushi platter ($25) with salmon avocado, uniagi cheese, tanuki, hotat mentaiko and wasabi ebi.

The platters are great as a accompanying side dish for your main course or for sharing. Dining here will set you back about $40-50, though you can go pretty furgal under the $30 for a single meal bowl. Where a two course dinner can set you upwards of $50 per person here. Still, it is not a bad price considering the quality of the foods to the competition. It is tad value for money.

Moreover, their Sandos are also one worth trying as a lunch or a high tea option. They are Japanese sandwich, or “sando,” has gained popularity worldwide and known for their layers of tender wagyu beef, crisp lettuce, and house-made sauces sandwiched between fluffy bread. Additionally, options includes their Wagyu Sando ($26) or have it in sandwich form served with crispy chips, combined with the umami-rich sauce, is a revelation.

Ground floor bar
Happy hour beers
Chunky scallops

Also, for those seeking libations, the daily happy hour offers $7 half-pints of beer until 7 pm, perfectly complementing the authentically Japanese meal. However, while portion sizes may seem modest, especially for hearty appetites, the option to supplement with side dishes ensures a satisfying dining experience. Notable mentions include the potato mash, sushi platters, and nigiri selections, all perfect for sharing or indulging solo.

Wrapping up

Rice dishes at Mio Fine Foods cater to diverse palates, from the trademarked Gyu Don ($26) with chunky beef cubes to the more affordable Katsu Don ($20) featuring breaded pork loin. Also, their Chirashi Bowl stands out as a colorful masterpiece, combining fresh sashimi, tamago, and pickled vegetables atop seasoned rice. Sushi balls offer a playful twist on traditional sushi, with assorted fish toppings providing a burst of flavor in every bite.

Gyu Don ($26) with chunky beef cubes.
Gyu Don ($26) with chunky beef cubes.

For those seeking a culinary adventure, dishes like their Potato Nesuto Tempura ($16) are great for sharing. Their Smokey Corn ($16) tantalizes the palate with fried sweet corn. Also, their Hotate Uni Truffle Somen ($38) is a noodle dish which indulges with thin noodles, Hokkaido scallops, uni, and truffle.

White noodles
Smokey corn ($16)
Corn is sweet

In conclusion, Mio Fine Foods is Japanese cuisine delivered right. From its serene ambiance to its meticulously crafted dishes, the restaurant exudes elegance and charm. It is a noteworthy spot to enjoy a leisurely meal with and discover the beauty in small moments and create cherished memories around the table.

This review is not sponsored by the establishment nor did they provide any editorial input or reimbursements into the content and outcome of this review. All meals were paid for in full out of my own pocket as a regular and anonymous patron.


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Mio Fine Foods Locality Map

Mio Fine Foods
82 Neil Rd, Singapore 088843
Opening Hours: 12–3pm, 6- 9:30pm
Closed Mondays


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