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i-light 2024 Marina Bay Singapore

i-Light Singapore is back this year along the iconic Marina Bay, offering a festival of lights, art, and a spectacular night out. This 2024 event features stunning light displays and interactive installations. Let’s delve into what you can expect at this dazzling event!

i-lights at Marina Bay Reservoir
Welcome to the 2024 edition of i-light at the Marina Bay Reservoir.

First, a bit of history: i-Light Singapore began in 2010, touted as the first sustainable light art festival in Asia, promoting sustainability through art. Initially, it featured just tad a few installations, but it has since grown into a major event on Singapore’s cultural calendar. Each year, artists from around the world showcase their talents against the backdrop of Marina Bay’s skyline and waterfront views.

Dandelion by Amigo & Amigo (Australia) at the MBS courtyard.
Dandelion by Amigo & Amigo (Australia) at the MBS courtyard.

A Marina bay loop from South beach

Furthermore, this year’s theme is “Nature Nurtured,” focusing on the harmonious coexistence of nature and urban life. The festival boasts 14 light displays spread around the Marina Bay district and reservoir, with additional exhibits at South Beach and Millenia Walk shopping mall. The area is easily accessible by public transport, with convenient MRT stations at Bayfront and Marina Bay, as well as numerous nearby bus routes into the downtown district.

Additionally, I embarked on an anticlockwise route around Marina Bay, starting from South Beach, passing through Jubilee Bridge, Merlion Park, Clifford Pier, and circling around the Promontory towards Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and the GastroBeats event grounds, concluding at Millenia Walk.

Lumi by Ye Sul E. Cho, Sara Ibrahim, Suz Ibrahim.
Lumi by Ye Sul E. Cho, Sara Ibrahim, Suz Ibrahim.

Starting at South Beach, you’ll find “Lumi” by Ye Sul E. Cho, Sara Ibrahim, and Suz Ibrahim. Located at the Fountain Plaza, this installation features rolls of plastic bottles arranged in an enclosure, emphasizing the use of recycled materials to minimize the event’s carbon footprint.

The Lantern by Josephine Pun Tsz Kiu at South Beach.
The Lantern by Josephine Pun Tsz Kiu at South Beach.

Also at South Beach is “Lantern” by Josephine Pun Tsz Kiu from Hong Kong and the National University of Singapore (NUS). This exhibit, composed of a line of gym balls strung together, is interactive and located at the Courtyard between South Beach Tower and the Level 1 Grand Ballroom.

Lumi swiss balls at South Beach
Event board and map
The Promontory area

Marina Bay and Clifford Square displays

Moreover, crossing Jubilee Bridge towards Merlion Park leads to “Moving Fountain of Happiness” by 27June, an interactive installation featuring swings and light tubes resembling fountains. This exhibit, suitable for all ages, is presented by The Fullerton Heritage in collaboration with Alibaba Cloud.

Swings called Fountain of Happiness by 27June Studio.
Swings called Fountain of Happiness by 27June Studio.

Heading west towards the NTUC Building, you’ll encounter “Alchemy of Atmospheres” by Janez Grošelj from Slovenia. This installation consists of vertical lighting poles that flash at random intervals, creating an auditory visual spectacle inspired by atmospheric conditions. Note the epilepsy warning due to bright sudden flashes.

Alchemy of Atmospheres by Janez Grošelj.
wagumi Air Scape by ENESS
Swinging along the bay

Giant rocks at The Promontory

At The Promontory, a notable highlight is “Iwagumi Air Scape” by ENESS from Australia. Inspired by the Japanese art form of Iwagumi, this exhibit features large inflatable rocks in a variety of sizes scattered across an open grassy space flanked by tall sky skyscapers. It creates for a scene of urban aqua-scaping.

wagumi Air Scape
wagumi Air Scape

Additionally, The Promontory hosts the LSG x TCF: Wellness Workshop on World Yoga Day, part of The Conscious Festival’s Green Talks (on sustainable practices) and Wellness Activities. These sessions, held during i-Light Singapore, cover topics such as climate action, conservation, and sustainable innovation, providing inspiration for those passionate about making a difference.

Furthermore, The Conscious Festival offers educational workshops on sustainability, including zero-waste living, sustainable fashion, and green technology. Wellness activities like yoga and meditation classes are also available, providing a relaxing complement to the vibrant light displays.

BOB the nice world by BOB the nice guy.
BOB the nice world by BOB the nice guy. A happy an jovial animated display.

Wrapping up at The Promontory is “BOB the Nice World” by BOB the Nice Guy from Thailand, in collaboration with Awakening Bangkok. This inflatable sculpture, depicting a whimsical line-drawn character with projected cartoon animations, is located near the entrance of Marina Bay Link Mall.

Arc and Liminal spaces at the Olympic Walk boardwalk

Fish are Jumping by Studio Toer
Fish are Jumping by Studio Toer (The Netherlands) at Waterbody near Marina Bay lower boardwalk steps.

Moving along the Marina Bay Olympic Walk boardwalk, the path near the Red Dot Design Museum features a concentration of exhibits. If you spot tiny light jumping in and out of the Reservoir water, you are not mistaken. One standout is “Fish are Jumping” by Studio Toer from the Netherlands, an installation of floating lit pendulum arms that create the illusion of jumping fish in the reservoir.

Arc ZERO Nimbus at i-light 2024
Arc ZERO: Nimbus by Studio James Tapscott (Australia) at the reservoir Pontoon.

Additionally, just off the giant chair (Horizon Bench) is the  “Arc ZERO: Nimbus” by Studio James Tapscott from Australia. It is located at the pontoon barge near the Red Dot Design Museum, features a ring of mist encircling a floating walkway. Notably, this Pontoon area used to be a ticketed area for light shows, but is open for public access this on this year’s i-lights event. However, do expect long queues for this attraction given a capacity limitation on the floating barge.

Liminal Minimal by Benjamin Lim
Liminal; Minimal” by Benjamin Lim.

Also nearby is “Liminal; Minimal” by Benjamin Lim from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), located at the waterfront promenade in front of the Red Dot Design Museum. This exhibit comprises of a mix of wire netting strung over a series of wooden-framed huts. It depicts the unseen waste which lurks in our built environment, emphasising a silent witness to the development of a modern city and its excesses.

GastroBeats Marketplace and live music

GastroBeats vast dining grounds
GastroBeats vast dining grounds, much larger this year.

Furthermore, GastroBeats, located at the Bayfront Event Space, is a night market festival  highlight of i-Light Singapore. Open from 4 PM to 11 PM daily, this area features street food vendors, live music, and an atas night market with rows of eateries, pop-up shops selling clothing and pet items.

GastroBeats event map
GastroBeats booths
Uncle Ringo amusement rides

There’s also live music to enjoy. Coruscate of local bands and musicians will perform, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. Also, there is also a small carnival amusement center operated by Uncle Ringo amusements. It’s a family-friendly zone with attractions like bumper cars.

Live music GastroBeats
Live music playing on stage for GastroBeats patrons.

Also, this area is also the venue of the TCF x iLSG Marketplace as well as their Wellness Workshops held on weekends in June at the MBS Event Plaza. In addition, you can find pop up booths by event sponsors, such as play areas by Coca Cola, Food panda hawking merchandise and Asahi beer with their beer garden.

Rock paper scissors.
Rock paper scissors at the Coca Cola booth.
Coca Cola booth
Gastrobeats grounds
Dogs at GastroBeats

Interestingly, going on the sustainability theme, the installations here at GastroBeats uses energy-efficient lights. For instance has all the flood lights powered by batteries on-site by Go power rentals, Interesting indeed.

GastroBeats dining by CDB
Dining at GastroBeats under the lights of the Singapore central business district.
GastroBeats main stage
2 ton smoker
Cats on rings

Marina Bay Sands Kinetic and Dandelion lights

Additionally, back to the light exhibits, just outside the GastroBeats venue is “Spin Me a Yarn” by Studio Vertigo from the UK. It features several oversized lit yarn balls with long trails looping and strung around their surroundings in a variety of light colours.

Spin Me a Yarn
Spin Me a Yarn” by Studio Vertigo.

Moreover, at the Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza is “Pure Ring” by Xu Dongliang from China. It is made in collaboration with Glow Shenzhen, offering a modern twist on musical chairs with color-changing polycarbonate fiberglass cylinder tubes you can sit on. Also, the lights will change colour when you are on it, or when you tap the sensor at the top of the cylinder.

Pure Ring by Xu Dongliang
Pure Ring by Xu Dongliang (China). An interactive piece which changes colour when you sit or interact with each segment.

Also at Marina Bay Sands front courtyard, “Kinetic Perspective” by Juan Fuentes Studio from Spain presents an immersive geometric experience inspired by the Optical Art Movement of the 1960s.

Kinetic Perspective.
Kinetic Perspective.

Additionally, this exhibit features motorized looping light rings alternating between purple, blue, and white hues. They are like kinetic rings floating in space.

i-light 2024 Kinetic Perspective by Juan Fuentes
Kinetic Perspective by Juan Fuentes Studio (Spain).

Furthermore, here at Marina Bay Sands is another impressive light piece called the “Dandelion”. It is quite an impressive light sculpture by Amigo & Amigo from Australia. It is easily one of my favourite light exhibit at this year’s show.

Dandelion by MBS at i-light 2024
A flashy Dandelion by the MBS courtyard.

Also, this large sculpture, shaped like a squished dandelion, allows visitors to interact with touch elements inside to control the lights. The display includes a commissioned musical score by Otis Studio.

Looking up
Looking up into the top of the dandelion light sculpture.
A pure ring
Rows of rings

Wrapping up i-light 2024

Lastly, “Modern Guru and the Path to Artificial Happiness” by ENESS from Australia is located inside Millenia Walk mall. This installation juxtaposes the timeless archetype of a guru with modern themes of artificial happiness.

Path to Artificial Happiness ENESS
Modern Guru and the Path to Artificial Happiness by ENESS (Australia) at Millenia Walk.

Here, it comprises of an inflatable “robot” which sits inside an impressive inflatable castle. The robot spews out random printed lines of text as when it detects a visitor, spilling out of it “mouth” onto the floor in a rather humorous way.

Lots of prints
Alien printer
i-lights info boards

Notably, this year’s event feels tad smaller than last year’s event. Also, there are no audio visual projections on the facade of the Art Science museum exterior facade this year. Though it was a staple of past year’s i-lights events.

No projections on the Art science museum this year.
No projections on the Art science museum this year. Probably due to the floating platform area being closed this year.

All in all, that wraps out our exploration of i-Light 2024 Singapore. You are good to explore the entire Marina Bay loop in about 2-3 hours in good weather. The event is tad a feast for the senses, offering interactive installations that engage visitors in a celebration of art, light, and sustainability. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, it’s a must-see event of the night. i-Light Singapore 2024 runs from 31 May till 23 June 2024.


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