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SPH’s omy (www.omy.sg MMS 75858) Trade Launch Party at Clark Quay

The Omy.sg launch party was on tonight and shaunchng.com was in on a trade invitation. So what else can we do on a holiday but PARTY? Held at Clarke Quay’s outdoor atrium where the fountains are we see a fusion of fellow bloggers together with corporate guests all gathering to witness the sneak preview and soft launch of the site itself before everyone else (25th Sept is the date folks!).

OMY event at CQ central
Atrium Partygrounds
The night party
Burp! Liquor!
Burp! I am not “driving”

Omy.sg is Singapore’s first bilingual news and interactive portal launched by Singapore Press holdings. It’s due to be officially launched on the 25th of September & showcases a fusion of news content from SPH themselves together with interactive web 2.0 content, mobile application, lobangs, showbiz & games just to name afew.

Moreover, it’s an instant mobile-photo news site where you can send in your MMS photos on anything captured hot from your handphone to 75858 or emailed to 75858@omy.sg if may. Take it like STOMP.sg but much better all round!


The event saw quite a few outstanding features of the site as well, namely few of the services they provide such as being able to also recieve offline IM (like MSN) through SMS, a Google Earth powered lobang finder and a citizen journalism section encouraging budding contributors from the community.

Talked and exchanged name cards with few of the trade visitors there. Whats more there’s a quality buffet dinner with free flow of champagne, red wine & soft drinks, not to mention showgirls roaming around with their Sony Ericsson K810i phone snapping pictures of you to be used on the event’s OMY crazy photo competition. And my, I know the emmys are over, but my photo was called out as a nominee up to go against 5 others in the party to win a brand new laptop PC!

Goodie bag and Stuff

Lol, but I didn’t win the laptop anyway (and not that I actually needed one), but I close! There was only one winner who was rubber faced enough for the cameras to be selected for the “000oooo-my” expression, Congrats!

Nevertheless all of us walked away with a rather attractive special goodie bag as well. Looking back it’s not everyday where you get to stand on stage making funny faces while 6 over photojournalists from SPH go crazy snapping pictures and video taping all over you under the spotlight, if my gypsy ball don’t fail me I think I might just appear on tomorrow’s papers, again! & man will I look freaky!

In media goodie bag you get an information leaflet about the site together with a pointer mouse pad and some miscellaneous cards and other free invites to various upcoming party events. It’s the mid autumn festival too so a mooncake is included in the package as well! For me I got an additional prized goodie bag containing a boynq USB VOIP handsfree speaker together with an Asiaone USB hub mousepad from my constellation gift.

Thats all folks! Omy!


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