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Nafa Design & Media Graduation Show 2008 Exhibition

Nafa multimedia showcase

Last Thursday was Design & Media Graduation Show 2008 held in the evening at the NAFA Campus 1, Gallery 3. Showcased are various final year productions by the graduating cohort of NAFA in the multimedia course. As stated in their rather provocative invitation leaflet- “The graduation show aim to engage visitors to ponder and wonder over 200 visual delights re-defined by NAFA graduates from the Diploma in Multimedia and Diploma in Visual Communication programmes.”

My sister is one of them involved in this event as well, so thats the reason why we were more of less invited as well. The exhibits showcased there are built upon the “Think Things” concept which how students think and do things at the same time, as quoted from their info leaflet: “we make use of things to do things, think more than things.” so it very much a display of their dreams.

Nafa multimedia showcase

Visitors get to meet the creators (i.e the students) there as well who were all there for showcasing and networking- all armed with their portfolios at any given opportunity. The show area is split into 3 main areas, namely showcasing web (webpages), animation and video/film production, each having their own dedicated spaces littered all round the gallery to showcase their talents as well as a central min-cinema viewing area for visitors to watch all the project looped video clips besides them also being shown on the various plasma screens lined along the walls of the gallery.

There was a dinner reception as well, which more of less fed everyone there after the exhibition was opened. Sis brought us round the campus building tour, showing us the various labs and classrooms she always mugs in on top of visiting some other unexplored areas of the NAFA building which me myself do not know about (it was my first time there). We were also introduced to all her lectures as well, where they managed to catch sometime with my parents talking about how an asset and hardworking my sister is. Whoa! haha!

You can view the event microsite here

My next art visit will be my cousin Benpuah’s “SINGAPUAHRA”, held at the night & day bar+ gallery+ friends. He invited my family to go visit his gallery there as well.


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