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Carnival of Opportunities at Henderson Secondary

Carnival of Opportunities at Henderson Secondary, our carnival booth!

Today is the MCYS carnival of opportunities event day held at Henderson Secondary itself. It consisted of an array of events held in a big tent pitched right in the middle of the school field. Inside was an array of game stores (dart, mini basket ball, typical carnival games), self help booths (such as recycled paper weaving, St John, etc and food stores.

The event is called carnival of opportunities as it’s also a job fair with quite a few employers there as well to offer jobs and places for seekers. Was down in the morning to help out with the parent’s teacher’s association (PTA) booth, where mum was there for the day as well. We had lots of ummm, fried food such as Japanese seaweed chicken, wings, fries and chicken nuggets all going in packs for a dollar each. Not excalyt good for us athletic believes. Money raised goes out to help needy students in the school’s pocket money fund on top of funding the and running for such events by the PTA itself. The town council mayor was there as the VIP as well a few distinguished guest of honor.

There were lots of performances by the CDC line dancing club and singers, who were not bad I say, there were free balloon sculptures as well lessons and lectures on employment on top of the job fairs (where I heard many people got jobs too at the event itself). The event ended round 5pm with a gathering of the helpers and with the principal for a closure and ARR for the event, of course with plans up for a bowling gathering at Safra Mt Faber next week!


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