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Artbox 2024 Singapore Expo

Let’s take a visit and explore of Artbox 2024, Singapore’s annual largest all-day, creative night festival. Artbox 2024, held annually at the Singapore Expo Hall 5, stands as Singapore’s largest all-day creative night festival.

Let's take an explore of Artbox tonight.
Let’s take an explore of Artbox tonight.

Artbox traces it roots originating in Bangkok, Thailand from 2015 as a pop-up market. Its an event showcasing local artists, designers, and entrepreneurs. Since then, Artbox quickly gained popularity and expanded worldwide. Since its Singapore debut in 2017, it has continued to captivate audiences, attracting thousands of visitors each year. The event aims to support the creative community and provide a platform for emerging talents.

The main seating area and live performances.
The main seating area and live performances.

This year, Artbox introduces themed sectors transforming Expo Hall 5 into a micro entertainment and food city of its own. In the nutshell, Artbox is divided into four main sectors- an open plaza for games, a shopping district, a central seating area, and a night market-style flavor boulevard. It is tad a multifaceted experience for attendees.

Welcome to the Artbox.
Welcome to the Artbox.

Central art containers

As you step into Artbox 2024, you’re greeted by the iconic shipping containers, a signature feature retained from previous years. These containers form a central avenue, housing various art installations seamlessly woven into the thematic experience.

The welcome art containers.
Entrance welcome art containers which leads to the various sectors.

While there are fewer large art pieces this year, the spread-out container centerpiece and diverse installations maintain the event’s unique charm. However, Artbox this year has notably has lesser art pieces such as the large art piece inflatables we saw on last year’s Artbox 2023.

Artbox central containers artwork.
Artbox central containers artwork.

Moreover, The central area also hosts a Beer Garden, a main seating area, and a TikTok music zone offering free trials via coupons. Notably, entry tickets come with a bonus KTV session, courtesy of Teo Heng.

Ticketing counters
Games sector
TeoHeng KTV boxes

Arcade alley games

Giant chess board games at the games sector.
Giant chess board games at the games sector.

Furthermore, the shopping district also houses an arcade alley and a games section near the entrance, where you can play English chess on regular-sized tables or opt for a larger-than-life chessboard.

Chess at the Workshops and Gamestop arena.
Games of chess at the Workshops and Gamestop arena.

Also, the Workshops and Gamestop arena by the entrance is a place where you can play games or chess. Here, the games section also has several tables where you can play English chess, using the small couple tables or even a larger than life chess board.

Nintendo switch games
Games of Mario kart or smash on Nintendo switch.

Encircling the compound are some Nintendo switch booths and VR zone where you can have a go on bean bags to play games of Mario kart or smash for that matter to spend the time here.

Jelly Caricature remains a favorite.
Jelly Caricature remains a favorite.

Also, the art caricature booth by Jelly Caricature remains a favorite, drawing long queues of patrons eager to get their faces sketched.

Jelly Caricature
Central chill booths
Arcade zone

Shopping market place

The marketplace is packed.
The marketplace is packed.

The highlight of the event is the marketplace in the shopping district, featuring about 180 stores spread across four rows of wide walkways.

Shopping district
Thailand inspired clothing
Shopping marketplace

Here you see the return of the vintage camera shop with a selection of 80s era film cameras to try out and for sale.

Retro cameras to try and purchase.
Retro cameras to try and purchase.
Retro Cameras
Badges and stickers
Items on sale

There are several clothing, costume jewellery shop as well as artists selling stickers, crochet and patches. There are also few booth doing temporary tattoos and henna tattoos too.

Creative works on sale at the marketplace.
Creative works on sale at the marketplace.
Mr Beast merc
Cat inspired
Korean avenue

A Korean corner adds diversity, offering Korean snacks and the opportunity to rent a traditional Hanbok for an impressive, yet odd experience for a Thailand-inspired event.It does bring about the Korean vibes like what we did at South Korea palaces last year.

Traditional Hanbok costumes.
Traditional Hanbok costumes.

You are good at the market place for about 30 mins to an hour tops. While exploring the shops, you’ll notice strong Thai influences, from clothing shops to the Beer Garden serving Chang beer and the prevalence of Thai milk tea in the food area.

Hands on film booth
Puzzle works

Flavour Boulevard food street

Food marketplace sector.
Food marketplace sector.

The Flavour Boulevard, dedicated to food, has expanded significantly this year, boasting around 100 stalls offering more than just snacks.

Sliders booth
Sliders food booth, with an amusing cartoon theming.

Chang beer continues to run the Beer Garden, and the food options range from quirky dishes like “mala in a cup” to main food staples.

Mala in a cup
Ready to go snacks
Taiwan pastries
Lots of fries, like big fries.
Lots of fries, like big fries.
Ice cream
Pack of fries

Main food staples includes ready-to-go snacks, deep-fried treats, noodles (such as ramen), desserts (including ice cream), and an array of beverages, from bubble tea to fruity mixes. Notable finds include Wagyu beef and Taiwanese pastry cakes.

Food sector with wide walkways.
Food sector with wide walkways.
Ice cream
The vast hall
Community areas

SGAG Stage and live performances

For entertainment, Artbox 2024 features two stages—the performance and live music stage overlooking the dining area and the SGAG stage hosting participant challenges.

Hopscotch of pain at the SGAG stage.
Hopscotch of pain at the SGAG stage.

Also, the SGAG stage offers an obstacle course challenge where participants must navigate a balancing beam surrounded by foam cubes to ring a bell at the far end. The record stands at an impressive 3.4 seconds, showcasing the event’s thrill and excitement.

Live music performances on stage.
Live music performances on stage.
Live performances
Marketplace intersections
tiktok presence is new

All in all, that wraps up our exploration of Artbox 2024. The event offers a vibrant mix of stalls, artisanal crafts, arts, games, and live performances. If you desire an art-focused or just want to find a place to chill for the night in the east this weekend, Artbox 2024 is a no-brainer, especially for those who appreciates creativity, culture, and a good time.


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