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LASALLE show grad exhibition 2024

Let’s take a visit and explore of the LASALLE Show Exhibition 2024. The annual exhibition showcases the creative works of this year’s graduating students from Singapore College of the Arts. It is tad a curated arts experience that highlights contemporary art, design, media, and performance, reflecting the diverse and innovative spirit of outgoing graduating LASALLE’s students.

LASALLE basement large main hall
The basement gallery and the largest main hall in the show.

LASALLE show 2024 Exhibition Layout and Highlights

Furthermore, being held in the LASALLE campus, located in the heart of the Singapore Bugis arts district. The event is located at various venues within LASALLE’s McNally Campus in Singapore. The McNally Campus itself is a fitting backdrop for the exhibition, with its open-plan design and cutting-edge facilities.

Welcome LASALLE show grad
Welcome to the LASALLE Show grad exhibition 2024 at the McNally Campus.

Here, the event spans multiple galleries and spaces, with each gallery home to the displays for each arts major, faculties and disciplines. Examples here includes traditional arts offerings like Fine Arts, Design Communication, Fashion, Interior Design, Product Design. As well as digital and performance mediums such as Animation, Film, Music, Dance, and Theatre.

Also, when deciding how to cover the galleries, it is recommended to start from the basement floor, which houses the largest galleries, before moving to the upper ground floors and catching live performances throughout the venue.

Interior Design and Product Design

Diploma interior design projects gallery.
Diploma interior design projects gallery.

Moreover, the basement floors are home to the largest galleries, showcasing diploma and BA design projects. The Interior Design gallery features themes of shophouses for diploma projects and large communal living spaces for BA courses, complete with impressive architectural models.

Diploma projects gallery
Shop houses designs
BA gallery entrance

One might feel a sense of nostalgia and innovation blending seamlessly in the shophouse designs. There are also displays on remaking communal spaces too, as told through large scale building models.

lasalle Interior design projects gallery.
Interior design projects gallery.

Also, the Interior Design section displays scale models, detailed blueprints, and immersive virtual reality (VR) presentations.

lasalle Interior design works
Interior design works section on basement floor.

These are means to emphasise sustainability and user-centric design required for the student’s assignment objectives, told through info boards. The projects range from residential and commercial spaces to public installations and urban design.

Quirky and fun board games.
Quirky and fun board games.

Additionally, the show’s Product Design section blends functionality with creativity. Here, exhibits include prototypes and finished products addressing real-world problems statements. This is told through by the students via innovative mediums and design, such as ergonomic furniture, smart home devices, eco-friendly packaging, and wearable technology.

Product design studies
Product design studies.

Also, each piece tad seems to tell its own story of form meeting function in the most creative ways. Interactive displays allow visitors to experience first-hand the usability and functionality envisioned by the designers.

3D printing product design.
An extensive amount of 3D printing used in projects, such as product design.
Pet housing
Interior design works
Fashion works

Fashion Design and Fine Arts Gallery

Interestingly, the Fashion section is smaller this year, featuring a few standees showcasing works complemented by audio and visual illustrations. Despite its size, the creativity and attention to detail in each piece are striking. The Fashion section offers a runway of innovation, in the basement floor. It displays a haute couture, ready-to-wear, and avant-garde fashion.

A Fashion statement.
A Fashion statement.

Here, you can find mannequins adorned with intricate designs, textiles, and accessories inspired by cultural heritage, futuristic themes, and sustainable practices. Live mannequins and video presentations add a dynamic element to this part of the exhibition, making each design feel alive and expressive.

BA fine arts galleries
Open galleries of the BA fine arts galleries.

Additionally, the Fine Arts section is one of the highlights of the show. This gallery features a diverse array of mediums available in the genre. This ranges from traditional painting and sculpture to experimental installations and new media art.

Mad hatter's tea party?
Mad hatter’s tea party?

Also, as you wander through, the range of expressions and themes in the artworks is tad both captivating and thought-provoking.

Rainbow prism
Rainbow prism.

Moreover, the artworks here reflect deep personal narratives, socio-political commentary, and explorations of identity. It tad offers bold pieces that challenge conventional boundaries and invite engagement with the artists’ creative processes.

A sparkle of expression.
A sparkle of expression.
Fine arts galleries
Prince John

Design Communication, Animation, and Film

Moving into the Design Communication gallery. Here, visitors encounter projects showcasing students’ skills in visual storytelling, branding, and interactive design. The exhibits include innovative advertising campaigns, corporate identities, user experience (UX) design, and motion graphics. The meticulous presentations, often accompanied by detailed process books, offer insights into the conceptualization and execution stages, making you appreciate the thought and effort behind each project.

Design Communication, Animation, and Film.
Design Communication, Animation, and Film.

Moreover, the Animation and Film segments are particularly engaging, with screenings of short films, documentaries, and animated works. These pieces address compelling narratives and demonstrate impressive technical skill in storytelling, character development, and visual effects. Also, it’s easy to get lost in the student’s virtual worlds which plunges you into their fantasy worlds. You can view their works on the various monitors here or online on the LASALLE website. It is complemented by behind-the-scenes footage, storyboards, and concept art. It provides for a comprehensive look at the creative journey from initial concept to finished product.

Short stories
Animation short stories.

Music, Dance and Theatre

Additionally, the theatre performing arts are a cornerstone offering of the LASALLE Show Exhibition, let be the arts. Here, the Music section features performances ranging from classical recitals to contemporary music ensembles, highlighting students’ versatility and technical proficiency.

Storyboard and props.
Storyboard and props.

Also, in the Dance and Theatre sections, live performances and recorded showcases display talent in choreography, acting, and stage design, offering a dynamic and emotive experience for visitors. The energy and passion in these performances are palpable, pulling you into their world.

Wrapping up with workshops and interactive experiences

Wrapping up, the exhibition is not just a passive experience but an interactive one too. Also, the grad show has an extensive show line-up which invites you, the guest into active participation through various workshops and interactive sessions conducted by students and faculty.

MA galleries
Character model design
Music, Dance and Theatre

Also, these sessions cover topics such as life drawing, digital illustration, and sound design. It provides you with hands-on opportunities to delve into the artistic processes and gain a deeper appreciation of the skills involved to produce the arts. Furthermore, you can also meet the graduating students in the galleries. They are present at the exhibition, eager to discuss their work and inspirations and potentially landing them a job with an employer. The show adds a personal dimension to the experience. Engaging with the artists themselves provides unique insights into their creative minds and processes.

All, in all, you are good for the grad show galleries here for an hour , and maybe two if you were to scrutinise each of the works in detail. Similar to last year’s event, the LASALLE Show Exhibition 2024 is a testament to the hard work, creativity, and innovation of LASALLE’s graduating students.

You are invited to embark on a journey through a multitude of artistic disciplines. It offers tad a fresh perspective and a glimpse into the future of the arts. The exhibition runs from May 17 to 29, 2024, with galleries freely opened to public daily from 12pm to 8pm.


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