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Singapore Blog Awards 2008 Winner – Best design and popular choice winner!

The Singapore Blog Awards prize presentation was on tonight. Held within the private confines of the Asian civilization museum, the place is one nice neat fortress which I always zip by, but never had the opportunity to explore, till tonight. Upon reaching there, a marshal, well, all decked in the Omy’s iconic colour of pink, directed us bloggers up to the 2nd floor where the event is held. It’s in one of the function rooms with a balcony access with a neat view of the the CBD skyline, a rather nice setting indeed.

The organizers were rather good in keeping the results secret till tonight, though there we some tell-tale signs of who won by the arrangement of the names on the guest registration list. Nevertheless, as promised, there was a scrumptious buffet spread- the food quality was excellent with reference to catered food, the fish and chicken chunks were superb. The event took an open room concept which allowed all the guests to mingle and network freely before the event commencement at around 8pm.

Asian civilization museum
Asian civilization museum
The event grounds
The event grounds
Singapore's best design!
Singapore’s best design!

Met many new acquaintances including Pamela Wildheart, Ding An the director of the Kallang roar movie. Jack Neo, and guest judges Kelvin Tong, Man Shu Sam, Kup Jian Hong were there as well. Got to meet Bryan from Bryan’s Angel’s who popped by the event as well. Saw Samantha as well as few other bloggers (greatest apologizes if I didn’t get your name nor list you here) which we chatted for a while. Got interviewed by Razor.TV who were there interviewing bloggers, there was another one too by the OMY crew (Singapore Press holdings), SPH print, as well as My paper reporters who are there. Man there were so many things to do and I was out of namecards even before the event ended!

The award categories were listed one by one with all the award winners announced in each category with each passing go. I was awarded the Best Design award and unexpectedly, the Popular Choice award as well. Wow doubles!!

Besides receiving countless blinding camera flashes, winners will also get an array of gadget prizes which for my part is a laptop and phone, I will be looking forward to selling and donating part of the proceeds to the President’s Challenge Charity. Winners will receive on top an award certificate and a rather adorable tripod trophy crafted by Artist, poet, author, linguist and philosopher, Tan Swie Hian himself. The trophy itself is rather unique unlike a conventional one, many exclaimed it to look like a mini bowl/cup which could actually serve a practical purpose (well not that I am actually going to test it).

With the exception of Tan Swie Hian’s engraved name on itself, the thing I noticed is that there are no personalized names on the trophy which could prove a challenge accounting for in the future. After some feedback, to any layman, the trophy may look like any decorative cup, but I guess beauty, (like art) will lie in the eyes of the beholder. Including me, this trophy will have a true meaning to any of the award winners there tonight.


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