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Bloggers.SG photo update

Today saw a day at Blogger’s.SG, the first ever blog convention held in Singapore, in a club too! Overall, the con was great & I guess we have the organisers Tomorrow.sg to thank, not to mention mrbrown & this evil minions. Though the place was kinda cramped, I guess its overall better than hosting it at woodlands.. where its like ya know… woood – lands? or maybe I should have said “grasslands”, then it would give a much “broader feel” of isolation.

The con ended with some legal talks, not to mention belly dancing.. ahha..
Event space
Not to mention arrr, free flow of tea & coffee?anyone?
Dxo bar
Boys & their Toys...
Battle tanks!

I left early around 5-6pm for a family dinner & didn’t stay for the bellydancers, where I heard, was quite a hit, darn! haha

Anyway, anyway, here I have it, photos of the Bloggers.SG Convention here! (Warning: Camera Phone quality alert!)

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  1. Sin-fully Sin-gapore

    Just a quick filler update. Singapore is crazy. Bloggers.SG conference is crazy. Singaporeans are crazy. I’m having so much fun here I want to take the merlion back to Kuching to keep as memorabilia. The people from the Singapore’s Sunday…


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