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10km Gardens by Bay run

Let’s take an explore and run around the Gardens by the Bay Singapore. It is one of the few nice fully man-made gardens and green spaces in the Singapore marina bay district. The gardens were conceived as part of Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) vision to transform the city into a vibrant and sustainable metropolis.

GBB east straights
Let’s take a 10km run through The Gardens by Bay east, known for its mostly quiet and a great straight for runs.

Today, we are looking to cover 10km run through the Gardens by the Bay (GBB) South and East, then crossing over the Marina barrage into Gardens by the Bay East and towards the Sports Hub via the Tanjong Rhu park connector. Our run starts off from the Gardens by the Bay.

10km run from Gardens by the Bay (GBB) run
10km run starting from Gardens by the Bay (GBB) Meadows Carpark south, towards the conservatories and the Marina barrage into Gardens by the Bay East and towards the Sports Hub via the Tanjong Rhu park connector.

Also, a loop around Gardens by the Bay outer perimeter of Gardens by the bay from the Meadows to Satay by the Bay covers approximately 3.5km, which is good for a sub-5km run in the city area.

Singapore CDB skyline viewed from the Marina Barrage.
Singapore CDB skyline viewed from the Marina Barrage.

Moreover, the Gardens, opened in 2012, the gardens is tad like a garden in the city. It is synonymous with central park in NewYork and Hyde park in London. It is situated on reclaimed land in Marina Bay, a former industrial area transformed into a thriving hub of activity. Also, the gardens were designed by a team of international architects, engineers, and horticulturists, who drew inspiration from Singapore’s rich cultural heritage and the natural world.

Marina Bay Sands
The gardens various Heritage sculptures
Marina Barrage grounds

Circle around Gardens by the Bay (about 3.5km)

My run starts off from the Meadows carpark which is near the Flora fantasy attraction and home to some public toilets you can use and to wash up at after your run. Also, an alternative is to start from the garden conservatories, namely the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome cooled conservatories. It is home to over 1.5 million plants from around the world, including rare species and stunning floral displays.

Conservatories towards the Barrage
Run through the conservatories towards the Barrage.

Moreover, a loop around Gardens by the Bay east covers a distance of about 5km. From the Meadows sector, I would recommend an anticlockwise loop around the Gardens. The route has nice straight path running alongside the Dragonfly lake, and towards the garden conservatories. Here you can pass by iconic sights like the Marina Bay sands, and the Garden’s interior Heritage Gardens.

Dragon fly lake
Dragon fly lake and supertrees in the background.

Also, it comprises of Four themed gardens celebrating Singapore’s cultural diversity of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Eurasian communities. Also, the Iconic Supertree Grove peeking out from the distance. These towering man-made structures that harness solar energy and collect rainwater, surrounded by lush gardens and walking trails.

Heading towards the Marina Barrage

Our running route goes east-bound via the conservatories (another toilet stop, albeit one which is more crowded with tourists) towards Satay by the bay and the Marina Barrage area.

Evening sun
Evening setting sun over the Marina Bay District.

From the Marina Barrage, the perimeter of the Gardens by the Bay has a nice quiet route which runs alongside Marina gardens drive. With the southern-most point being Gardens by the bay south and meadows carpark. Also, you might remember the meadows carpark the spot where the south entrance to River Hongbao was held earlier this year too.

Marina Barrage
On the Marina Barrage, which is rather empty before the 5pm peak period.
Return journey back to GBB East
Reservoir views
Route along Marina Gardens drive

Cross the Barrage into Gardens by the Bay East (3km)

Furthermore, the Marina Barrage offers great views of the Marina bay reservoir, Singapore’s 15th fresh water reservoir. On my run, there was a group of canoeists on the river. They are probably served by The Passion wave at Marina Bay Canoe Çenter is located just beside the Benjamin Sheares bridge.

Singapore flyer canoeists
Singapore flyer and canoeists.
Route green areas
Rowing along
Canoe center by Sheares bridge

Notably, the route along the marina barrage is similar to the route we took on the last Army half marathon which carries on along Marina East drive. Interestingly there were some wildlife along the run, such as monkeys, jungle fowls and monitor lizards. Though most of them are really shy and do not mind your presence as you give them space when running by on human contact.

Skyline along the GBB east road.
Skyline along the GBB east road.

Moreover, this linear route at the Gardens By The Bay East runs on a straight after the Marina Barrage. It is good for sprints and speed work. Notably, the route here is clear and devoid of runners and cyclists on the early late afternoon. This is the period from 4-5pm, before the peak crowds typically around the 6pm mark.

View under Sheares bridge
Stunning view under Sheares bridge.

Additionally, from here, our running route passes under Sheares bridge and headed into the Kallang basin area. Here you can find views of the Golden Mile Complex as well as the Sports Hub main stadium and indoor stadium across the reservoir.

Gardens by Bay east
Barrage boat crossing area
Northbound to Kallang

Notably, the Gardens by the bay east park is currently mostly closed off due to the construction of the upcoming Founder’s Memorial expected to open in 2028. Also, the route running alongside here is a nice and straightforward with separate lanes for runners and bikes.

Founders memorial under construction
Founders memorial under construction, due 2028, for now, its a large construction site eyesore.

Here, you get panoramic route along the Marina reservoir with views of the Gardens by the Bay conservatories, Marina bay sands and the Singapore flyer in the distance.

Conservatories MBS in distance
Conservatories and Marina Bay Sands in distance.

U-turn at Sports Hub Tanjong Rhu

Moreover, to achieve a 10km running distance, you are advised to U-turn at Tanjong Rhụ View road just before the Tanjong Rhų lookout tower and back the same route towards the Marina Barrage again.

Sports Hub by Tanjong Rhu
Route by Sports Hub along Tanjong Rhu road.

Here at this approximately 5km mid-way point, you can catch views of both the Singapore Sports Hub, Indoor stadium and the Kallang Basin before headed back where we came from to wrap up the remaining 5km of our 10km run.

F1 pit building
Formula 1 pit building in distance.

Nice chill straights along Marina Gardens drive (2km)

Running back across the Mariana Barrage, you would had already clocked 8km of 10km of your run, now it’s a homerun back to your start point circling around the perimeter of Gardens by the Bay. Also, from here this finishing route from across the Marina barrage towards Gardens by the Bay South meadows covers the last 2km.

Path into the horizon
Path into the horizon.

This path back is a nice and quiet route usually free from runner. On this suggested return route back to the meadows, you will hit the path along Marina Gardens drive from the Marina barrage carpark and Satay by the bay hawker center. Here you will pass by the road drop off points and stops by Gardens by the bay MRT station.

It is a brand new MRT station located just beside the satay by the Bay hawker çenter. Also, here, you can find Art and sculpture installations throughout the gardens, adding an extra layer of beauty and meaning.

Gardens By the Bay MRT station
Gardens By the Bay MRT station.

Moreover, the straights here along Marina Gardens drive are a joy to run. It is devoid mostly of pedestrians and traffic with nice long straights suitable for sprints and speed work.

Nice long straights
Nice long straights free of people and great for speed work.
Parallel roads
By the South entrance
Tranquil roads

Homerun back to the meadows (2km)

This route follows parallel along side the road and is illuminated by light posts at night or when dark. Marina Gardens drive will bring you back right to the start point at the meadows. Also, this completes your full 10km run around the gardens south and east parks as well as a sight along Tanjong Rhu and the Sports hub.

Garden's meadows
Back towards the garden’s meadows sector.
Crossing along Marina Gardens drive
Street lamps
South Meadows sector

All in all, that wraps up our runs here at Gardens by the Bay. I found it a pretty good route for a leisure run, especially if you are looking to go the distance. The route is one which also offers wide paths and breath-taking views and sights urban oasis in the heart of Singapore which you won’t get tried off. It showcases the natural beauty of our concrete jungle in man-made nature. Definitely a nice spot to run when you are in town.


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