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Apple Central World store Bangkok

Nestled within the bustling heart of Ratchaprasong, Bangkok’s iconic intersection, the Apple Central World store stands as a testament to innovation and design excellence. The store is tad an architectural marvel, seamlessly integrated into the upscale Bangkok Central World mall. This free-standing structure captivates visitors with its awe-inspiring architectural features. Let’s take an explore.

Exterior of Apple Central World store Bangkok.
Exterior of Apple Central World store Bangkok.

You can enter the apple store via the ground floor main entrance which leads from the Central work open event space, or via a connected linkway bridge on the building’s second floor which is directly connected to the mall’s second floor via a sheltered walkway.

An Architectural Marvel

Apple Central World isn’t just a store; it is quite an architectural marvel. It is shaped like an oval, tad a spaceship and is located beside the upmarket Central world mall in downtown Bangkok, Thailand. Apple touts the store as the first-ever all-glass design, brought to life under a cantilevered wooden Tree Canopy roof. More on that later.

Store overview.
Store overview, viewed from the exterior boardwalk.

Moreover, the exterior of the apple store is covered in curved clear glass. Features an all-Glass Design, making the store highly visible from outside. It allows natural light to flood the interior, making the interior space feel open and inviting.

Ground floor iMacs and Macbooks.
Ground floor iMacs and Macbooks.

Also, it creates a sense of transparency and openness. As you enter the store’s grand entrance, it is a cosy chamber with soft lighting. The building seems to embrace the sky and natural lighting. During the day, sunlight filters through the glass, casting mesmerizing patterns on the floor. At night, the roof transforms into a celestial canvas, with artificial lighting creating a magical ambiance.

The roof extends beyond the building edges.
The roof extends beyond the building edges.

Inspired by the Terminalia tree

Furthermore, the store’s roof cantilevered structure extends beyond the building’s edges, creating a dramatic overhang. It is like a protective tree canopy, seemingly shielding you from rain and sun while adding a touch of elegance.

Additionally, the design draws inspiration from the Terminalia tree, a native species found in Thailand. The tree’s leaves inspired the intricate patterns etched onto the glass panels. Also, the store’s largely pillar-less design does inspire visitors a floating sensation in-store. It does feels as if you’re under a floating tree canopy.

Terminalia tree roof cantilevered structure.
Terminalia tree roof cantilevered structure.

Moreover, the floors are and wall are covered in red wood. It adds a contrast to the white and silver colour scheme to the store, besides adding a premium look and feel to the store. Also, the store’s second floor echoes the products on the second floor.

Staple iPhones on display on Apple's trademarked wooden tables.
Staple iPhones on display on Apple’s trademarked wooden tables.

Also, the store’s open design encourages exploration. Though it is not rocket science on what to expect here in an Apple store. The ground floor is where you can find tables showcasing Apple’s staple products, such as the iPhone, Apple watch and iPad tablets. This ranges from the sleek iPhone 15 Pro to the budget-friendly iPhone 13

Apple Geniuses bar areas
Apple arcade booth
Airtag booth

The perimeter of the shop has walls showcasing accessories as well as offerings accessories for Apple products. Examples includes Apple watch accessories, AirPods to sleek leather cases, chargers like those Apple certified ones from Belkin, cables and headphones, as well as a booth for Apple Music streaming service.

Apple music booths.
Apple music booth with headphones selection.
iPhone cases
Second floor tables
Second floor spaces

Central Staircase and Cylindrical elevator

As you step into the store, your eyes are drawn to the central free-standing spiral staircase which wraps around a chrome foundation pillar. It is tad a focal icon of this Apple store and sculptural masterpiece that defies convention. Crafted from timber, the staircase exudes a similar elegance to the marble staircase at the Singapore Orchard Apple store.

Stairs around the timber core
Stairs around the timber core

The staircase seems to float within the space as an Illusion. Each step feels solid yet weightless. you’ll encounter a unique cylindrical elevator clad in mirror-polished stainless steel. It’s like stepping into a futuristic capsule. Ascend to the upper level via a spiral staircase that wraps around a timber core. The design seamlessly blends nature and technology.

Also, the central spiral staircase has a Design Philosophy symbolizing continuity, growth, and endless possibilities. It’s an architectural nod and inspired by the helical structure of DNA- the blueprint of life.

Cylindrical chrome elevator.
Cylindrical chrome elevator.

Moreover, this central pillar is also where the building’s central elevator is located too. The elevator’s exterior gleams like a polished mirror, made of mirror-polished stainless steel. It is said to reflect the surrounding architecture, creating an illusion of infinite space. Also, it is nicely blended into the support structure which you would miss unless you notice the outline of the elevator door and lift call buttons on the front of the pillar.

Inside the elevator.
Inside the elevator.

Adjacent to the staircase stands the cylindrical elevator. It is touted as a futuristic capsule that transports you between levels. Also, the interior of the lift does have sterile and white look within, though this elevator is rather slow despite serving only two floors.

Central spiral staircase
Elevator buttons
The modern cylinder elevator

It leads up to the second floor and Forum where you can also find Apple’s computer offerings. Same brown wooden tables dot the space up here home to their iMac and MacBook products. Notably, the basement lowest level is home to the Boardroom, which is not publicly accessible and used mostly as a meeting room.

iMac computers on second floor.
iMac computers on second floor.

The Forum and Beyond

Moreover, located on the Forum floor is a Video Wall, a centerpiece for inspiring sessions such as Today at Apple, where you can learn photography tips from local artists or explore coding with fellow enthusiasts.

Forum and Today at Apple.
Forum and Today at Apple.

Additionally, the upper floors feature the Outdoor Oasis, where you can step outside and discover an outdoor plaza adorned with benches and Terminalia trees. It offers a serene spot to sip coffee, chat with friends, or simply soak in the energy of Bangkok.

Ground floor displays
Second floor bridge

Also, on the second floor, you’ll find a large screen area dedicated to Today at Apple Sessions, including free creativity workshops to explore new skills. Join sessions on photography, music, coding, and more, learning from local artists and unleashing your creativity. Additionally, there are Apple Camps for Kids and the opportunity to try out the Apple Pencil on iPads for sketching, annotating, or doodling. You can also find Apple Geniuses throughout the store, available for assistance at the open concept Genius Bar.

Wrapping up

All in all, in conclusion, a visit to the Bangkok Apple store, Apple Central World, is not just about shopping for cutting-edge technology- it’s a testament to human ingenuity. This immersive experience seamlessly combines technology, design, and community, highlighted by the breathtaking Tree Canopy roof that merges nature with modern architecture.


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