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Bloggers.SG T-Shirt Design

Bloggers.sg shirt design

The Singapore Bloggers convention, to be held this year 16th july needed a T-shirt design, the they opened a small competition for design. So being a usual kind soul I got started on it immediately after reading about it today.

Design explanation:
The design is meant to go on a white shirt. There are 2 logos for the shirt, one which will span across the front horizontal breast area of the shirt & the other taking up the whole real estate of the back. The back logo is paged like a blog. With some short blog entries, comments & track back buttons of a blog. Representing us would be the lion crest at the center, uniquely Singaporean & if you look closely, the lion is actually drawn out of different coloured text in the background, which is actually html code we use for our blog templates.

Colours are limited to a rather patriotic red/white/grey/black scheme, colours of Singapore (which is actually what the convention is about – bloggers of Singapore). Limiting colours In turn too, will keep production costs of the shirt down too. Well furthermore, I guess with the convention on the 16th july, national day is around the corner too. So why not spread some of the early NDP cheer, umm colours… now?



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