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10km diary farm wallace trail rail corridor run

Let’s take an explore and run around the Wallace trail, and the rail corridor in the Bukit Timah Diary farm area, exploring the a 10km running route in the vicinity, with interesting visits to the Singapore Quarry and Wallace Knowledge center.

rail corridor 9 Mile station as part of our diary farm run
The rail corridor from the 9 Mile station rest area toilets.

To achieve a 10km distance, my route in summary see me touching the road end of Wallace trail from Diary Farm Carpark B, backtracking towards the Singapore Quarry and spilling onto the nearby rail corridor straights and back to the Carpark for a full 10km.

10km run through Wallace trail, Diary Farm and the Rail Corridor run
10km run route through Wallace trail, Diary Farm and the Rail Corridor.

Here, the route offers a mix of road, gravel pavements and a number of hilly portions at the Singapore Quarry great for hillwork runs.

Nature park map.
Diary Farm Nature park map as part of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.
Uphill path beyond
Bungalow by Wallace trail
Dairy Farm Car Park A

Our run starts off from one of the two the Diary farm carparks operated by Nparks. Namely Carpark A and B with the latter having a public toilet useful for washing up post-run. Also, both a carparks A and B are connected to the Diary farm and Wallace trail by a Forest trail comprising of mix of road asphalt and gravel trails surrounded by Durian and Chempedak trees.

Dairy Farm Road Forest Walk
Dairy Farm Road Forest Walk which is a semi-trail area with lots of trip hazards.
A long straight and uphill climb
Wallace knowledge çenter

Wallace trail and Wallace knowledge çenter (1.3km)

Wallace Trail carpark B for our diary farm run
Start of Wallace Trail at carpark B.

On some background, the Wallace trial is one named after British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace. He contributed to Singapore’s early field of natural history. Also, the Wallace trail is a small self-contained 1km forested walk. It starts off as a road asphalt and transitions into a gravel path which circles in a loop through the forest into the road trial. The road trail is home to a musing known as the Wallace knowledge çenter.

Wallace knowledge çenter exhibits
Wallace knowledge çenter interior exhibits

In a nutshell, the Wallace education center is one dedicated to environmental education and conservation awareness. It tad reflects Wallace’s spirit of scientific inquiry and discovery. The center is small open air unconditioned indoor gallery which sits in the old hut-like building.

conservation of natural environment
Inspire and appreciate the conservation of natural environment.

Moreover, the Wallace knowledge çenter is home to a small display exhibits. Here, you can find family friendly exhibitions, interactive exhibits, educational programs, and workshops. They are designed to engage visitors about biodiversity, ecology, and the importance of preserving natural habitats. It is also tad a hub for environmental education to foster a deeper understanding, to inspire and appreciate the conservation of Singapore’s natural environment.

Uphill climb
Uphill climb at the start of Wallace trail.

Avoid the gravel trails when running

Notably, a secondary highlight item here on our Diary farm run is the Bukit Timah mountain bike trail which cuts through the trail. You encounter an uphill climb from the Wallace knowledge çenter is an uphill climb towards colonial bungalow surrounded by a white picket fence. Also, past a fallen tree, the path here transitions into the forested gravel trail section of the park. Here, I would recommend to turn back if you do not have trail shoes to continue you run.

Wallace trail fallen tree
Transition to Gravel path by a fallen tree.
Dairy Farm Road carpark B
Entry bridge
Mountain Bike Trail map
Wallace trail Gravel
Off road gravel part of Wallace trail.

From road to gravel which leads into the forested area of the Wallace trail with steps. The path here is more suitable for trail walking than running. Also, the presence of steps, protruding tree roots and forest dense foliage affecting visibility does make it rather hazardous for trail running at speed. This is especially if you are injury prone. Hence I recommend turning back and stay on the road towards Singapore quarry via Dairy farm road.

Hillwork at the Singapore Quarry (3.4km)

A quiet tranquil place
The Singapore Quarry is a quiet tranquil place.

Backtracking from the Wallace knowledge çenter sees a route from road transitioning to a forested gravel path. It runs alongside Diary farm road, past Carpark A and entering the uphill route up towards Singapore Quarry. Carrying along the Diary farm road from Wallace trail will bring you on a hilly section leading into the Singapore quarry grounds.

Uphill MOE adventure center.
Uphill trail off MOE adventure center.

Here, you pass the MOE Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre here too. The route here is largely an uphill climb which is good for speed hill work. Also, you can find many wildlife littered along the path up here, such as monkeys, hawks and jungle fowls.

Uphill hillwork
Uphill climb great for hillwork.
Open clearing and fresh air
Wild monkeys

Moreover, the Singapore Quarry is a highlight viewing spot in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It is tad a hidden gem that has transformed from once by the late 20th century. Initially established in the early 1900s which provided a vital role in Singapore construction boom and early infrastructure as a local granite source during the colonial era.

Deep secondary forests
Deep secondary forests.
Quarry entrance
Singapore Quarry landing
Singapore Quarry

Also, the quarrying activities ceased in 1999, with the site was redeveloped into a nature park. However, this is not without leaving behind a scarred and rugged landscape of Singapore’s past. Nature gradually reclaimed the area, and is today a serene spot for wildlife. The meandering route here offers you a unique glimpse into the lush natural rainforest ecosystem that once covered the island.

Vast quarry lake
Fuyong park private estate
9 Mile platform by Fuyong park

Additionally, this trail, which meanders through secondary forests, allows you to encounter wildlife. Guests here includes large groups of monkeys living within the forested area. The air here is also very fresh and a tranquil escape from urban life while promoting awareness of the island’s natural heritage.

Rail corridor via Fuyong Interim Park and Rail mall (4km)

Quarry road towards Rail corridor
Detour off Quarry road towards Rail corridor.

Furthermore, coming back down the hill from the Singapore Quarry road, you will encounter a small side path and detour along the route leading into through Fuyong Interim Park. The park sits alongside a small private residential estate which connects to the rail corridor via rail mall. You pass through here from the Singapore Quarry to the Rail corridor area.

Fuyong park open field
Fuyong park open field.

Running the Rail corridor (6km)

Rail corridor gravel path.
Rail corridor largely level gravel path.

Notably, the rail corridor is not fully paved and transitions between a mix between paved asphalt, concrete and gravel trail. It is not as flat and even to run fast as compared to the Gardens By the Bay route we explored. From here, we head north from 9 mile toilet towards Hume and U-turn after the Hillview Railway Bridge.

Upper Bukit Timah railway truss bridge

Also, a highlight bridge along way here you can cross be the Upper Bukit Timah railway truss bridge. The bridge is well-preserved. Notably the çenter rail of the tracks as well as the steel superstructure which makes up the truss and supports of the bridge.

Upper Bukit Timah Truss Bridge
Upper Bukit Timah Truss Bridge.
Over Upper Bukit Timah road
Onwards ahoy!
Fancy repaved roads

The relatively new 24km Rail Corridor is a nature path following the route of the old Singapore KTM railway from 1903. It is an ambitious and transformative project aimed at converting the old railway line that once connected Singapore to Malaysia into a vibrant space. It stretches from Tanjong Pagar in the south to Woodlands in the north.

Rail corridor gravel path
A long gravel straight along the Rail corridor.

Moreover, the route offers a continuous route for walking, cycling, and other recreational activities. The Rail Corridor reflects Singapore’s colonial past and the close ties with Malaysia, including the Bukit Timah Railway Station from the 1930s.

Rail corridor 12km distance marker
12km distance marker from Tanjong Pagar.

Notably, the preserved line starts off from Tanjong Pagar railway station and runs through here midway. Though the route, you can find distance pole marker informing you the distance form where the trail starts. Notably, it is 12km at the Rail mall area.

Paved roads in the Hillview area.
The trail transitions to well-paved roads in the Hillview area where there are more pedestrian traffic.

In addition to the Singapore Quarry Bridge, running across the corridor trail around the 12km mark, the Hume area has another smaller railroad bridge crossing over a working road.

Singapore Quarry Bridge
Singapore Quarry Bridge.

Unlike the first Upper Bukit Timah rail truss bridge, this smaller bridge over Hillview road has the rails preserved and cast into the pavement. And interesting touch in preserving the old railway which has been here for almost a century. We would had approximately covered about 5.5km here at Hume before doing a U-turn back southbound along the Rail corridor towards Hindhede Quarry.

Hillview Railway Bridge
Hillview Railway Bridge.

Wrapping up back to Diary Farm (last 4km)

Wrapping up 6km into our run, backtracking from the Rail Corridor back to the Singapore Quarry road via Fuyong Interim Park will complete the last 3-4km on your route downhill back to Diary farm Carpark B where we started from.

Fuyong Interim park
Fuyong Interim park connects the rail corridor to the Quarry trail.

Ultimately, I find the Wallace trail and Singapore quarry route tad bit too short to recommend for a 10km run. This is given the need to make several detours along your route. However, the route is great if you are looking at a sub-5km run with a hills to provide some exercise variety and hillwork opportunities.

Alternatively, you can stick to the entire Rail Corridor if you are looking to cover the distance, though it is not so fun to run given it can get rather packed and crowded at times with commuters, and cyclists. Maybe that’s another running route to explore in the future.

Gravel path
Fuyong park playgrounds
Back to Dairy Farm Road Forest Walk

All in all, that wraps up our Wallace Trail and Diary farm run, nestled within the Dairy Farm Nature Park in Singapore. Our running route today is one notable not just in nature, but a historical and cultural heritage of the railway and Singapore Quarry past.

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