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Otter Pizza White Sands Mall

What’s adorable, tasty and casual at the same time? Come Otter Pizza, they position itself as a “Neighbourhood Pizzeria” and prides themselves into offering these Italian bites freshly make and affordable, and they prove it with their reasonable prices and generous portions. Let’s take a casual dine-in at Otter Pizza in White Sands Mall.

Otter Pizza was started in 2019 with an affordable price tag to fellow Singaporeans in heartland areas. It is named it Otter Pizza, inspired by the cute and playful otters that live in Singapore’s waterways. It conveys a sense of fun and joy to their customers, just like the otters do.

Otter Pizza spread
The spread here at Otter Pizza. Let’s take a dine-in and check them out.

Moreover, the restaurant eatery is nestled on the open landing space #03-K01 on the third floor of White sands mall in Pasir Ris. It shares the shop space with a bubble tea store as a sister store. There is also a small seating area good for small groups, able to seat about 20 persons. On my visit, the seating area is not full and it is not difficult to find seating space.

Otter Pizza White Sands
Otter Pizza storefront at White Sands mall.

Also, you can find a cartoony Otter mural throughout the seating area of Otters visiting various Singapore city landmarks and the skyline.

Adorable otter designs
Otter Hawaiian Overload ($12.80).
The White Sands Mall atrium

The store is represented by a toony ottery character which you can find on the store front, art murals and even on the box packaging. It is tad an adorable graphic and mascot fitting of the playful, social, and intelligent animal.

What’s on the menu?

Otter Pizza’s menu features a range of pizza flavours, from classic favourites like cheese, pepperoni, and Hawaiian. The eatery offers tad a wide range of pizza flavours suiting every taste and preference, whether you are a meat or vege lover. You can choose from their classic pizzas, such as Margherita, Hawaiian, and Pepperoni, or their signature and more exotic options like tom yum, rendang, and laksa.

Otter Pizza white sands menu
Otter Pizza menu, with a standard and premium selection.

All pizzas are mad fresh to order in their store. Also, they claim to use only the finest ingredients. This includes premium cheese, fresh vegetables, and quality meats, to create their mouth-watering pizza.

Furthermore. the pizzas are served in two sizes, one with a choice of standard and premium selection. The pizzas are rather affordable too, priced at $8.80 for the small 6 pizza costs and $16.80 for the large 12″. Also, you can also order online from their website or foodpanda if you prefer to enjoy your pizza at home. Additionally, on top of their regular selections, there are specialty pizza, çajun prawn, seafood, smoke salmon and localised selections like Roti john with prices ranges from $10.80 to $12.80.

Try their signature pizzas

Recommend includes Otter All- in Signature 6” ($10.80 small). Their Otter Special, is a signature pizza topped with chicken, beef, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, olives, and pineapple sitting on top of a bed of mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Their pizzas are of the thin crust type with a crispy crust. The pizzas are not soggy and able to hold itself well. The ingredients are reasonably fresh and adequate in portions without being too parse.

Otter All-in Signature
Otter All-in Signature in 6 inch size ($10.80).

Other recommended flavours include staples like their Hawaiian, Otter-all-meat and Teriyaki chicken pizzas. Also, Otter Pizza also offers vegetarian and vegan pizzas, as well as gluten-free and whole wheat crusts. You can choose from different sizes, from personal to party, and customize their pizzas with extra toppings, cheese, or sauces.

Otters All- Meat Signature ($10.80)
Otters All- Meat Signature ($10.80), tad a meat lovers pizza.

Pretty good value fun pizzas

Also, if you demand more Hawaiian there is an upsized version for $2-3 depending on the size of your pizza. Recommendations includes their Otter Hawaiian Overload going at a reasonable $12.80 for a small. In addition, beside pizzas, there are also sides of nuggets, wings and bread.

On portion sizes, a single 6” pizza is sufficient for one person, same goes for the 12” large which can feed 2 persons. Alternatively you can opt for 2-3 small pizzas for more variety, which can feed a group of 2-3 pax. Also, your pizzas are served on small round plate platters. Though you are pretty much left with your hands to consume your pizza due to the lack of proper cutlery or serviettes. Notably, the store also does online orders via food delivery platforms on top of dine-in, or take away. Otter Pizza also offers delivery service through foodpanda.

All in all, that wraps up our dine-in here at Otter Pizza. It is truly a cosy Singaporean neighbourhood pizzeria that offers a wide variety of quality pizza choices with affordable price tags. Inspired by the otters that are often seen in Singapore’s waterways, especially near the Marina Bay area. Despite gripes like the lack of eating utensils, it is tad a great place to enjoy a delicious and satisfying pizza meal, with a friendly and cosy atmosphere, and a reasonable price.

This review is not sponsored by the establishment nor did they provide any editorial input or reimbursements into the content and outcome of this review. All meals were paid for in full out of my own pocket as a regular and anonymous patron.


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Otter Pizza White Sands Mall Locality Map

Otter Pizza at White Sands Mall
1 Pasir Ris Central St 3, #03-K01 White Sands,
Singapore 518457
Opening Hours: 10:30am- 10:30 pm daily.

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