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The sgblogconspiracy, my first poem

In the deep dark shadows of area blog, Lies the conspiracy of the blog Struck in the world of Tomorrow(sg) Joinly headed by agent B, Head blogging agent in brown Smack you with his lightsaber you may Till his minions bow before him they may Readers alike, feeders or nay Till the rise of Bloggers.SG you say. Outgrown it's luncheon is spam Drenched in it's seeping oil Assaulted comments it...

Food for thought

I came across this quote from Tiger woods while surfing today, thinking about it: "I get to play golf for a living. What more can you ask for - getting paid for doing what you love." - Tiger Woods I wsih I would ever get a job I like. But hey I love designing. Only I am not paid as much! haha

The power of dreams

I just have to get this on my blog, its just so.. real... I had a weird dream on friday, not like your average nightmare, but something worth marvelling about. Its a about meeting this girl by the name of Sherwin or Sherene or sort. I was enrolled in Singapore Poly, DME (diploma on mechcanical engineering), a possible option...

pleasure pressure?

Reading from today's Straits Times main, an article in the kaleidoscope. A particular interesting quote made by Mr Md Islam (a foreign worker from bangladesh working here) saying. "In my country, people read or travel for pleasure. Here, it seems, we all work for pleasure." Personally I think its bad. & I guess you don't need Steven Hawking or...

Sweat for thought…

😎 Whats a better way to start the new year with sweatin' & healthy exercises. Its workout madness again, this time with circuit aerobic exercises Tuesday morning, followed by a 9km run in the evening. Ended the day today with 30x50m breaststrokes in the pool before having dinner with my family at hans restaurant. Now I feel "purified" from all...

Its Christmas

I guess a new resolution for me next year is to post much shorter, concise posts like this one. 😀 And so, christmas is the time of giving, or say the joy of giving, having say spent at least $250 on presents for my family & friends, guess it just the spirit of giving (& spending), the spirit of Christmas....

Geared ahead.

It had been almost one month since I've touched my guitar... 🙁 or actually found time to relax & play the new games I've got the pass month... *sob* the absolute pressures of the Army Half marathon & Open house are definitely eating into my schedules, not to mention my weekend rest periods. Whats things becoming too? And why...

A post for thought…

And here I am posting from my friend's house after waterpool training tonight. Cheers to Whelan, Darryl & John who's computer I am at posting this blog now. Looking back, Its a rather interesting week, firstly with me getting another shitty extra from my PC *darn* together with John, who actually ummm, got 2? Theres more, followed by lots...

A “worthwhile” day

Today will be unlike most of my usual saturdays. Namely able to actually get out of camp with energy to go to the driving center (Bukit Batok) for registration, shop and even spend the night out after a long hard shag week. And so there I was book(ed)-out, hailed a cab for a 6 bucks trip to BBDC (no...

Thoughts for thoughts

Stores everywhere are putting up Christmas deco now, even before taking down their Halloween ones.. urgh! My mum obviously had nothing much to do, pulling me and my sis to a beauty spa at Midpoint, boring! Marche was the place for dinner and drinking yesterday, the grill area is having a chicken mushroom stew with mashed potatoes... *slurp* then...

Lazy – I like!

So what to do in this humid sunday afternoon... Its JAVA MADNESS again, and there I was downloadin' tons of freeware java midlets of the net. And there was the 2 dictionaries, (one Webster one.. whee) to name afew: a thesaurus, 20+ new games, scheduler, pda functions, movie and image viewers, email cilents, first aid manuals, references, vocab/graphing tool...

IQ test

Received my IQ test score today, it not very much the feeling of recieving a $1M in the mail or my dinky SAT scores, but just very 'cool'. So why did I take that, well it was mainly outta few contributing factors, namely out of 90% curiosity, 1% ignorance, 1% evilness, 8% dumbness & and most of all its...

Mr Softee..

*licks icecream* Mmm 7-eleven is having a Mr softee special- 2 cups for $1.20.. how can I miss that? yum.. *eyes starbucks mocha on the weekends again* duh! Currently Listening: Most dance music, vol3

Wonders of tidying your room

As chaotic as it looks, its time I started tidying my room... again! And heck didn't know doing so can land you into a flu, not to mention the amount of dust lifted in the process, talking bout sensitive noses... :p *time passes* And so everything's much neater now, personally speaking and did get to "unearth" several old stuffs I've...

The Net

Channel I just screened the movie, "The Net", though quite an old show (1995) it is really a very interesting one depicting what can go wrong in the world of the internet- a very unique idea indeed. Thumbs up to that show!


*counts angbao money while typing this post* keke *grins* Have a good year ahead!

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