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A post for thought…

And here I am posting from my friend’s house after waterpool training tonight. Cheers to Whelan, Darryl & John who’s computer I am at posting this blog now. Looking back, Its a rather interesting week, firstly with me getting another shitty extra from my PC *darn* together with John, who actually ummm, got 2? Theres more, followed by lots of prep for activities in camp. Furthermore didn’t know that the Army open house thing which I expressed interest in joining was actually something at a scale so big: our job scope is very much a publicity job, very much of promoting the event with the media, adverts & even the NDP. Though I don’t want to count the chickens before they are hatched but the shirt which could be used in the open house may actually be designed by my commitee- the AOH creative commitee.

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