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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Geared ahead.

It had been almost one month since I’ve touched my guitar… 🙁 or actually found time to relax & play the new games I’ve got the pass month… *sob* the absolute pressures of the Army Half marathon & Open house are definitely eating into my schedules, not to mention my weekend rest periods. Whats things becoming too? And why am I using such precious weekends to do work? so much for being dedicated, even the pay increment for NSFs next month won’t compensate much… anyway what can a merger $150 increase do?

On a lighter side, managed to get a off period next monday afternoon for my driving test. Here it is, drawing nearer, part II. here I go… getting geared for the test. 😯

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  1. Not sure, its currently a rumor. But I can say most prob positive, as if a form of “payment” back due to the reduction of serivce period. Some others are pretty convident to get it by next month… lets wait and see then… 😉


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